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Pigoween Partners? Four Eligible Bachelors!

Have you heard? Mollie and Misaki are throwing a Howl-o-ween ball! Hooray!

But whee need partners so if anyfurry else is thinking of going whee would love to find perfect partners for all four of us!

Somefurry to dance the night away with the babe magnet Buddy!
Somefurry to keep Basil out of the parsley punch and on the straight and narrow, or let him run wild if you prefer!


Buddy (left) Basil (right)

Somefurry to let little Nacho practice his flirting on (he’s getting good with the whiffles and innocent eyes!)
And somefurry to babysit little Noah and keep him out of trouble!


Nacho (left) Noah (right)

If you want to go with any of us please comment below with who you would like to go with and why! Mummy is The little hoomans are quite good with editing pigtures so whee are happy for whoever decides to go with each of us, to send us a pigture of them dressed up or not dressed up and she can edit us together.

Whee hope you will consider coming with one of us ^_^

Have a great Monday efurryone!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


ps. Also for dressing up Sammy the Cat is having a costume pawty! Are you dressing up for Sam-o-ween?

Cavy Crypt Photo Contest!

When the moon’s an orb,
Of glowing white,
In darkest depths,
Of the deadest night,
Something spooky,
This way comes,
Silently between,
These catacombes.
They call this place,
A Creepy Cavy Crypt,
Though there are rumors abound,
Residents remain tight-lipped!
Whee call on friends,
Of the blogosphere,
To join us there,
And feel no fear.
Wear your scariest,
Outfit and face,
And then you won’t,
Look out of place.
Send your pigture to us,
In jpeg form,
And before Pigoween,
A winner shall be born.

Yes, whee are pleased to announce our newest Spooktober ComPIGtition! The Cavy Crypt Pets Photo Contest! For this you need to send us a pigture of yourself (or your pet), in an outfit or with a scary enough face that you will blend in at a graveyard pawty! Any pet can enter; fish or furry, feathered or scaly!

The pigture must be a jpeg form when you email it to us with the title Cavy Crypt Contest and the name of you pet, creepified! If you are with a blog please include that there too!

You can use edits to decorate pigtures but you don’t have to. Only one entry per pet.

There will be one winner giving the title King or Queen of the Dead, with a court of three Lords or Ladies as runners up. The winner will get a special hand designed by us award as will the runners up.

Entries must be in by Friday 12th October with the winners being announced late on Saturday, or early Sunday.

Whee cannot wait to be terrified by you!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

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