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Panto Production Pawty!

Hello hello. Now this post is answering two requests. One to see pigtures of the piggies and one with our Snow White Panto. Whee hope you enjoy you back stage (blog!) entlll
Whee hope you all like them! Let us know.


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Snow White And The Seven Dwarves – Part 4 (finale)

Narrator – So my friends,
You return once more,
Such I dedicated readers,
I have not met before.
After all whee have been,
Cut off from your blogs,
And cut off from the stories,
Of hamsters, cats and dogs.
But never fear my friends,
Our computer is nearly repaired,
Though apparently a piece of piggy food,
Is why it was before impaired.
Who would have thought,
That if put in the disk draw it would break,
Mummy’s has crossly blamed us,
But it must be a mistake.

Anyway on with our story,
You must be dying to know,
Will good defeat evil,
Will someone save Princess Snow?!

Now you remember Prince Rupert,
That dashing handsome fellow,
Stopping for his lunch,
When he saw something and went to say hello.
A vision of loveliness,
Nestled in the grass,
Inside a glass coffin,
He did not notice time pass.
He watched her with wonder,
Until a sound made him turn,

Doc the Dwarf – Wipe that drool off your chin kid.

Narrator – And how his cheeks did burn.

Prince Rupert – Who is this beauty,
And why does she lay here,
Would a soft bed,
Not be kinder on her rear?!

Doc the Dwarf – Well I suppose that it might kid,
But it’s not like she’d care,
She is dead, killed by magic,
And that’s why she lays there.

Sleepy – Whee will always guard her,
She was our close friend,
Making our beds,
Til her untimely end.

Happy – And always laughing,
So full of glee,

Dopey – And even when I was being thick,
She never made fun of me.

Sneezy – And she handwashed my hankies,
And ironed out every crease,

Bashful – And when I was nervous,
She showed me inner peace.

Narrator – Everyone turned to Grumpy,
Who scowled back silently,

Grumpy – What?! Just cos’ she’s dead,
I’ve gotta compliment her nicely?!

All The Other Dwarves – Yes.

Grumpy – Fine, well she wasn’t a bad cook,
And she was alright with a duster,
I’m sorry guys,
That’s all the niceness I can muster.

Narrator – They did not notice as they spoke,
The Prince creeping closer to Snow White,
Till he claimed with a passion,
His cheeks still quite alight.

Prince Rupert – Snow white, so bright,
The prettiest princess I’ve seen tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Kiss her piggy lips tonight.

Narrator – Without further ado,
And before you can say “get on with it”,
Before the dwarves could protest,
Or make him quit.
He lifted the glass lid with a flourish,
And bent his head to hers,
Then kissed her gentley,
Stroking her forehead furs.
Now it turns out black magic,
Has a get out clause it’s true,
And, as you guessed, true loves kiss,
Is number twenty two!

Snow woke with a gasp,
And sat up in a hurry,
Bumping head with the Prince,
As everyone spoke in a flurry.
Snow couldn’t think,
With all that silly chatter,
Her head hurt as she tried to guess,
What was the matter.
Slowly she remembered,
The crone was Belladonna,

Snow White – Well like she said,
One of us must die, and I give her that honour!

Narrator – She jumped out of the coffin,
And marched determindly,
Everyone following now,
Did so silently.

When they reached the castle,
And got in through the garden,
Snow walkes straight into Bumble,
Who just begged her pardon,
Then suddenly he realised,
Who she really was,

Bumble – Oh no, you should go,
Or the Queen will be cross!

Snow White – There’s only one Queen in this castle,
And she is stood right here,
It’s rightfully me,
So she should feel fear.

Narrator – Snow pushed passed him,
And the slaves, maids and guard,
The focus in her eyes,
Surprisingly hard.
She flung open the door,
And entered the Queen suite,
To find her with her feet up
Having a massage on her feet!

Snow knew right then,
How to defeat this fashion nerd,
She would break her down,
Using the spoken word.

Snow White – You are old, you are wrinkled,
Your fur sticks up on end,
And there are droops under your eyes,
And your knees won’t bend.

Narrator – Under the onslaught,
The Queen screamed and shrivelled up,
Yes she had been defeated,
By that little pup!

The very next day,
Snow White was crowned,
And decreed that efurryone should be happy,
And make this country the most fun all around.
And the Dwarves became popular,
At their local pub,
Respected and given,
Unlimited free grub!
And Bumble learnt his lesson,
And was now loyal to Snow,
Who was also doing well,
At all Queenly things you know!
Now what became of Prince Rupert,
Did he and Snow wed,
Well actually no, Snow thought it was creepy he’d kiss someone he thought was dead!
But the Prince was never without,
Company and a full wine cup,
Afterall his kisses could wake the dead,
And woke one such Princess up!

And what of me,
Narrator extraordinary,
Well I started a blog,
And the rest is history!

Snow White And The Seven Dwarves – Part 2

Hello efurryone. Here is part 2 of Snow White. First whee would like to apologise for the lack of pigtures. Our compytermabob is broken and so whee are doing this from Mummy’s phone. That also means that she has had to write all this off the top of her head because it wasn’t saved anywhere else and whee didn’t want to let you down. She has actually written it out in memos once already and accidentally deleted two hours work this evening so she is working fast for this to be ready in time. (She very nearly cried over losing it but realised she only has one hour before midnight and her usual post deadline. So hysterics are saved for later!) Paws crossed whee manage it in time.

If you are reading it then Mummy has succeeded and probably won’t have the brain power to get up in the morning!

Whee hope you like it.

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

Snow White And The Seven Dwarves

Part 2

Narrator – So now whee return my dear friends,
And a whole wheek has passed,
Whee hope you have contained you excitment,
Since I squeaked to you last!
Snow White is doing well,
The Dwaves domestic goddess,
Surprisingly good for a Princess,
At cleaning up their mess.
There was a small washing incident,
Involving their shirts and her clothes,
She didn’t realise her red dress,
Would dye everything pale rose!
The dwarves too were happy,
Mining caves with their spade,
But peace would not last,
Away from that glade.
Well what did you expect,
Something was bound to go wrong,
This is a fairytale afterall,
And that happens before long.

In fact, at the castle,
Rose a familiar shout,
And an outraged sounding cry,
For Butler Bumble-A-Bout.

Queen Belladonna – Is it so hard to obey me,
You lying little fool,
One simple task,
And you failed me Bumble!

Bumble – Oh dear, oh no,
The Queen’s guessed the truth,
I will not be safe,
At least not under this roof!

Narrator – He dashed for the door,
But Guards blocked his way,
Leaving him with no choice,
But to reluctantly stay.

Bumble – Oh dear, oh help,
Whatever will I say,
Maybe I should get on my knees,
And just begin to pray!
I’m a terrible liar,
And I can’t think of a story,
But what will I do,
In the face if her fury?!
Oh please, oh help,
She is coming down the hall,
She really was right,
I have been such a fool.

Queen Belladonna – I only asked something simple,
Why do you not obey,
Is it really so hard,
To just do what I say.
Am I not kind,
To let you continue to breathe,
Am I not merciful,
Am I not, Guard Steve.

Narrator – Guard Steve was wise,
For he did not say a word,
But Bumble did not get the memo,
‘Silence is golden’? He had not heard!

Bumble – You are merciful,
My Queen I must plead,
Let me find her again,
As quick as you need.
I can do it at once,
I beg your forgiveness,
I was such a fool to ever get into this mess.

Narrator – The Queen thought for a moment,
Then inclined her head,

Queen Belladomna – I suppose you can have one more chance,
You are more use when not dead.
If you go right now,
It may be done it time,
Well what are you waiting for,
Scoot, and don’t whine.

Narrator – Bumble dashed again for the door,
But another shout stopped him in his tracks,
As he turned on his heels,
To face the Queen’s angry eyes attacks.

Queen Belladonna – Where on earth are you going?!
The kitchen is that way,
I said tell the cook to prepare the remembering feast,
And you promised to obey.

Narrator – Bumble realised in that moment,
That he had misunderstood,
She was not on about Snow White,
But the funeral meal food.
He sighed in relief,
And hurried to the cook,
Leaving the angry Queen,
With a furious look.
She probably would have glared more,
If she weren’t so afraid to gain a wrinkle,
Already on her brow,
Was one too many a crinkle.
The feast she had organised,
Invited all royals nearby,
To celebrate Snow short life,
She wanted a pawty, that’s why!
All would be fine,
She assured herself,
And resolutely reminded,
That worry was bad for her health.
She decided that now,
Would be a good time to see her looking glass,
Afterall, it has been awhile,
Since Snow’s death had come to pass.
She was truly confident,
That the beauty would have rotted away,
Well corpses are’t pretty,
In anyones eyes anyway.
She swept off to her bedroom,
And into the ensuite,
Then flung back the mirror’s curtain,
And spoke, deceptively sweet.

Queen Belladonna – Mirror, my darling,
Answer my call,
Tell me now I’m the fairest,
Of them all!

Magic Mirror – My Queen in the palace,
You outshine the rest,
But now hiding in the forrest,
Snow White is still best!
Yes you thought her dead,
But that girl has got guts,
And see how she felled your warrior,
With one mighty touch.

Narrator – The mirror showed reflected,
Snow White’s escape from Bumble,
And her smile at the dwarves,
All shy and humble.

Queen Belladonna – How can this be,
I ordered her killed,
I was told her blood had been,
Messily spilled.
Now what will my pawry,
Remember tonight,
How about my fading youth,
*Sob* Just lie if it’s too bad, all right.

Magic Mirror – You know I cannot do that,
But I can tell you how to regain some years,
Any take care of the Princess,
So no need for tears.
All you need do,
If spell her into a death sleep,
And then all her youth and years,
Will be yours to keep.
Make her eat or drink it,
Willingly mind you,
Trick her into taking it,
And those years will belong to you.

Narrator – The Queen liked the sound of that,
And hurried to her potion room,
A dingy little place,
Which resembles a tomb.
She began grabbing bottles,
And tossing things together,
Tired memories and sleep berries,
And night time weather.

Queen Belladonna – Now how to make it appetising?

Narrator – She said pacing back and forth,
First East to West,
The South to North.
Then she saw it,
Inspired by a fruit bowl,
She grabbed out the only,
Piece of fruit that was whole.
A single rosy apple,
She dipped in the sleep curse,
It would ensure that this time,
Snow ended up in a hearse!
Then the Queen donned a disguise,
Like a wizened old crone,
And clutching the apple in a basket,
She left her castle home.
She entered the forrest,
And used a locator spell,
Planning to arrive while the dwarves were out,
Well it wouldn’t seem this could go well.

Now that is the end of part 2,
You enjoyed it whee hope,
Seeing as this is the third time,
Mummy has written this, and that’s no joke.
What will happen next,
Will the trick catch Snow out,
And will whee see more,
Of Bumble-A-Bout?
And what of Prince Rupert,
Well just you wait and see,
You won’t get a single hint,
Or a word out if me!

Snow White And the Seven Dwarves – Part 1

Well it has finally arrived . . . Our pantomime production. Whee said Mummy would be ready and she very nearly is. The only issue is it is quite long. So whee have decided to release it in three parts. Before Snow Meets The Dwarves is Part 1. So whee hope you enjoy it! Please let us know what you think of it so far and what should or is going to hapen next. Mummy wants to adapt the story to match what you all want to read so whee need feedback. Anywho here goes!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

Snow White And The Seven Dwarves


Narrator – Once upon a time,
In a far far away blog,
Lived many different animals,
From guinea pigs to a dog.
The land was full of laughter,
Dancing, love and joy,
But then came a darkness,
And a witch with a ploy.

There once was a lovely Queen,
Who when sewing one night,
Said “I want a daughter,
With fur black as ebony to call Snow White”.
No one would question the logic,
That led her to such a name,
Well she was the fairest Queen,
In the whole panto game!
Now by some stroke of fate,
Only fairytales get,
She gave birth to such a girl,
But our tale’s not over yet.
For later that same year,
The poor young Queen died,
It was a shock to the blogs,
And all who heard about it cried.
King and country sobbed together,
And efurrybody mourned,
Not noticing the creeping evil,
That close to them was spawned.
Then the King met a beauty,
By the name of Belladonna,
And said “My daughter needs and Mother,
“And I by the God’s so wanna . . . !”
In a matter of days,
The pair were together wed,
By a fake Elvis in Vegas,
Easy had warned them, he said.
But the lack of martial legalities,
Were the last thing on their mind,
When the next morning the King was discovered,
Dead, with a sword up his behind!
The Queen Belladonna said she was sad,
And twice dabbed at her eyes,
But anyone stood nearby,
Could see it all was lies.
For she didn’t shed a tear,
Or smear her mascara,
So vain and evil was she,
But with looks of Scarlett O’Hara.
She forever checked with her reflection,
Saying it always spoke the truth,
But as years passed she ignored it,
As it warned of her fading youth.

You may wonder what became,
Of the young Princess, Snow White,
Well if you thought she had it easy,
Honey, I’m afraid you just ain’t right!
She was locked in her room,
And fed only once a day,
I know, I know, it’s shocking,
I said the Queen was evil what more can I say?!

Snow grew more bootiful,
And all who knew her said,
Her fur is black as night,
And her lips are bright rose red.

The Queen just ignored her,
Till one day in front of the looking glass,
She began her usual saying,
And a fateful turn of events came to pass.

Queen Belladonna – Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Who is the fluffiest pet of all?

Mirror – Though my Queen does have such lovely hair,
Another, I’m afraid, is twice as fair.

Queen Belladonna – Whoever can this horrid pet be,
To think she can be more bootiful than me?!

Mirror – You locked her up,
Hid her away,
But beauty like that,
Was bound to stay.
Yes I speak of,
The young Snow White,
See her face,
And know I’m right.

Narrator – The mirror rippled,
And a new image appeared,
Of fur glossy,
And unravaged by the years.

Queen Belladonna – Snow White?!
That wench,
It cannot be,
That pup is not fluffier than me.


Snow White – How can she hate me,
I’ve done nothing at all,
She the one who is mean,
And inexplicably cruel.

Bumble – I’ll say you ran off,
Or I killed you and then,
A wolf came and snatched the body,
To drag off to his den.

Narrator – Bumble bent to retrieve,
The basket at his feet,
But Snow was quite cautious,
And feeling the stress and heat.
She snatched up a branch,
And hit him on the head,
Then dashed off to hide shouting,

Snow White – Hell I won’t be dead!

Narrator – Bumble looked dejected,
As he watched her run away,
Still feeling hurt,
Though he’d told her not to stay.
He rubbed where she’d hit him,
With surprise and concern,
If she was confident enough to hit him,
Then there was plenty about her yet to learn.

Snow watched him leave,
And gazed round in fear,
How terrible was this freedom,
And how dark it was here.
She started to walk,
Just for something to do,
But every tree was the same,
Birches, oaks and yew.
Then something caught her eye,
A trail of smoke,
Spiralling through the trees,
So she gathered her cloak.
And marched quite determinedly,
To the clearing from which it rose,
And seeing the source,
The young Princess froze.
A tiny little cottage,
Nestled under an oak,
Then pointlessly, to herself,
The young Princess spoke.

Snow White – Why it is tiny,
I wonder who lives inside,
Maybe they would shelter me,
Maybe there I could hide?

Narrator – Being rather nosey,
She scampered up to the door,
And delicately knocked,
With one gentle paw.

Snow White – Hello? Hello?
Is anyone home?
With such a lovely place,
I doubt that far you would roam.

Narrator – But there was no reply,
And Snow felt quite weak,
Afterall she had not left her room,
In one hundred and twenty one wheeks!
She curled up tight,
Against the chimneys warm wall,
And promised to just rest her eyes,
For a minute . . . That’s all.
Two hours passed,
And the home owners came back,
Wondering who was this beauty,
With fur of jet black?

Grumpy – What is she doing here,
Selling something I suppose,
Well whee don’t need no apples,
Or candles scented like a rose.

Happy – She does look quite sad,
A Mopey sort of girl,
Maybe she could join us,
And be a dwarf as well?!

Grumpy – Don’t be a twit,
She was not born small like us,
She wouldn’t fit in the house,
And girl’s just cause a fuss.

Narrator – Bashful looked put out,
And opened her mouth to speak,
But as usual the shy piggy,
Only managed a squeak.

Sneezy – I think that we should wake her,
And then work out what to do,
How can we wake her without scaring her,
I think . . . Oh dear . . . Achoooo!

Narrator – Snow lept to her paws,
With a cry of fright,
And squinted at the figures round her,
Shadows, in the half light.

Sleepy & Dopey – You look kind of tired,
Sleeping against our house,
Whee don’t often have visitors,
Just the occassional mouse,
Was there something you needed,
Would you like to come in?
Please excuse the mess,
We never remember to empty the bin.

Snow White – You are so very kind,
I wonder if I may be so bold,
But I need somewhere to stay,
And the outside is so cold.

Narrator – They exchanged confused glances,
And with a sigh Snow explained,
Until only their choice,
Was the thing which remained.
They all looked to Doc,
Their leader, to decide,
And completely unashamed,
Snow ran to his side.

Snow White – I’ll cook and I’ll clean,
And take care of the place,
All I need in return,
Is a single bed space.

Narrator – A silence stretched out,
As Doc thought carefully,
And Snow began to hope,
That she might finally be free.

Doc – She is kind of pretty,
And she does look so tired,
If she wants to stay and clean,
Then I guess she is hired!

Narrator – All the dwarves cheered,
Except for Grumpy, Dopey and Sleepy,
Two because they were fast asleep,
And one cos’ he though emotions were creepy!

Snow cooked up a storm,
In the soup pot that night,
It was strange really,
Cos Princesses don’t usually know those thing . . . right?!

Back near the castle,
Poor Bumble paced,
Frightened by the choices,
He currently faced.
Go and admit what had happened,
Explain that she had fled,
Or lie and cheat,
And say she is dead.
Neither option was desirable,
But the second meant he would survive,
It would not be worth returning,
If he said that Snow was alive.
So he hatched a plan,
A surprisingly good one I admit,
Involving the local barber, black dye,
And a paper clip!
The Queen was overjoyed,
And bounced off to bed,
Leaving Bumble clutching his neck,
Grateful to still have his head!

Well part 1 is over,
How do you think it’s gone,
And if you were Bumble,
What would you have done?!
What do you think Belladonna,
Will do when she finds him out,
And what are the seven dwarves,
In the forrest about?!

PRINCE[ipal] Roles!

Well whee have some clear winners in the principal roles in our production of Snow White. As you saw in our previous post whee already have our seven dwarves and Butler Bumble-A-Bout! Without further ado . . .

With 23 votes for the part of The Wicked Step-Mother/Queen Belladonna is


Mistletoe – As pretty as she is evil . . . And that’s pretty evil!

With 32 votes for the role of the Magic Mirror is


Squeak – Mirror mirror on the wall . . .

With 37 votes and playing our Prince Rupert is


Artie – I’ve been dreaming of a true loves kiss!

And finally, playing the leading lady role. With 24 votes out of 56 your choice for Snow White was


Maggie – “*“who was as white as snow, and as red as blood, and her hair was as black as ebony”*”

Well whee think you have all voted wisely and are very pleased with our final cast. Now you are probably all dying to read our version of Snow White. It is in final editing phases and Mummy promises it will be ready for the next post. (Whee are holding her to that even if she needs to stay up all night and skip meals!)

Hope efurryone had a good wheekend and survived manic Monday!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

It’s Time To Meet The Stars Of Our Show . . . !

Well the day has arrived! The day you find out who will star in our panto drama! After our first attempt at this post has left the family compawter on life support whee are now on Mummy’s laptop and a little more cautious. Whee said whee would need your help and . . . well . . . whee do.

Whee managed (with the help of our little hoomans) to choose our winning dwarves. It was super hard to chose but wordpress really won’t let us have too many polls and there were a lot of entries. Whee will reveal the winner in the next post while you continue to vote.

Surprisingly whee only had one entrant for the role of Butler Bumble-A-Bout but you only need the right one and he certainly is. Whee will also reveal him in our next post.

In this post whee are focusing on our roles whee need help deciding on. Please vote for your favourites and tell us in the comments what you think of our prospective cast!

Please share this everywhere you can to gather votes and support for yourself or your favourites!

It’s Panto Time!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Snow White


Prince Rupert


The Magic Mirror


Wicked Queen


Oh The Drama!

After the drama of our last post – about which whee would like to assure efurryone that apart from being scared whee are fine and very grateful to have our wonderful furfriends care so much for us – whee are going to move onto drama of a different kind . . .

Dogs in drag? Piggies performing. Cats who are looking and feline good! It can only be the Piggy Panto Contest!

Yes this is a reminder that there is still time to enter! As long as there is not a newer post than this there is still time!

After much discussion whee think whee will be holding a vote for some of the parts which had a lot of entries. Would you guys like that?!

If you haven’t entered then whee still have at least two unclaimed dwarf roles and aren’t sure whee have found the right furries yet for other roles so go for it!

Whee wait with baited breath to see our inbox continue to fill!

If you still haven’t seen how to enter then firstly, where have you been!!! And secondly, look here!

Good luck efurryone!


Think outside the box to make your entry stand out!

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