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Settling In Sunday

So whee are finally settling into our new Hutch and loving it! Here is me enjoying the sunshine 🙂


Whee will hopefully find a new normal soon and get a posting routine running once again!

Happy Sunday efurryone



Nibbles Says ‘RELAX!’

For once whee had nowhere to be and nothing to do today. The Cavy Crypt Pet Pigture Contest judging is down to you. (Skip back a post to vote while you still can. Voting closes midday Monday UK time.)

The house was quiet with the little hoomans busy doing other things. Mummy let us have a short run in the garden to enjoy some grass. It was very short though because it was freezing out there. Even hiding in our blankets whee got cold pretty quickly. I don’t care what anybody says. Nofurry should have to leave their nice cosy warm house when it is that cold. Unless they are very strange and they like it!

Anyway, back to the point I was trying to make. Today I did nothing of importance and it has done me wonders. Better than a wheek at a spa and far cheaper too! So I’m going to pass on a few tips as Guru Nibbles. Take five minutes to sit down and breath deeply while think about nothing. Just relax. Chill out. Put your paws up. Whatever you were doing can wait. Just stare at the pigtures of my gorgeous piggy lips relaxing as I cuddle Mummy and feel your troubles melt away.

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*yawns* You can even have a little snooze if you are really relaxed!

And in the next lesson whee will learn the lotus position!

How do you relax?

(Occassionally a Guru) Nibbles

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