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Climbing The Walls!

Today I’m climbing the walls. Why, you may¬†ask. The answer is simple really. Mummy had a super cosy jumper and she put it just out of my reach when I wanted to snuggle and make a nest!


Mummy thinks whee are all going a little stir crazy being stuck inside so she is keeping fingers crossed the rain will stop long enough for us to play in the garden this wheek!

For now she is entertaining us with cardboard toys and new rooms in the house. Then in the evening whee snuggle in front of the telly with her. What is your favourite thing to snuggle in?

Happy Tuesday efurryone


Monday Moan-Day

It’s raining again here today and whee are not impressed. This time of year when the trees are changing colour and the leaves are falling is our hoomans favourite season. Usually whee like going out and having a bit of a play, enjoying the slightly chilly air and the sunshine while she takes pigtures of us and the garden. But this year, rain has stopped us repeatedly!

So instead whee are staying in the house and debating hibernating till the sun returns!

I’m going to sleep all day today, at least until the hooman gets home and whee can snuggle up on the sofa together and watching TV with them!


Sweet dreams efurryone and Happy Monday, lets get through this together!



Tired Tuesday

I was really sleepy over the weekend so Mummy said I could snuggle with the little hoomans in bed.


But there hasn’t been much time for sleeping recently because whee have been busy bees in the Hutch household.  The first piece of news which whee can share with you is that whee are moving Hutch. This is probably why efurrything is a bit manic!

Our move date is next wheek so whee will hopefully do some posts on how to move house with pets very soon with all our top tips.

Our next piece of news is that the hoomans are trying to help me lose weight.  After the vet rudely laughed at me when I tried to clean my fur and ended up rolling over Mummy decided I need to slim for Summer. Currently I am only 100g off my target weight so when I reach that I will share my regime with you!

Our final news is to let you know of a review whee will share on Thursday or Friday this wheek of Harringtons Guinea Pig Food.  Whee were really surprised by it but you’ll have to check back then to see why!

Happy Tuesday


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