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Sort Of Silent Sunday – Nacho Knows

…that you ate all the carrot sticks, and he’s not impressed!



Sunset Sunday


I had quite a busy day on Saturday. Our ladypig furfriends let their hoomans out to come and visit us. For most of them, it was their first time meeting me!

I was extra cute and cuddly and did my special squeak for them.

As Mummy said, I ‘charmed-the-pants-off-of-them’ whatever that means!!

I liked having lots of cuddles and all the hoomans going “Awwwwwwww”

Yes, a good days work. Just look at how pretty the sky looked in the evening. It had been a horrible day as far as weather went so this really cheered us all up!



What did you get up to yesterday? Did you have a pretty sunset? Do you like to charm new hoomans you meet or are you nervous? After all that excitement, hopefully whee can have a lovely serene Sunday!

Have a great one, efuryone.



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