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Winner and Wonderful News!

Well heroes, heroines and civilians of the blogosphere I stand before you about to squeak the result of who will be my Super Sidekick! But first a little congratulations is in order. For those of you not from the UK you may not have heard but Kate and William, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, announced today they are expecting their first child. The news was revealed when Kate was admitted to hospital with severe morning sickness. Whee at Hutch A Good Life hope you will join us in sending our warmest wishes to them and hope Kate is feeling better soon.

From one Kate to a Katie and one baby/prodigy/sidekick to another my new sidekick is . . .

Super Snout!


Super Snout


Super Snouts Award

Now, of course, whee cannot reveal his true identity but he did visit us by way of My Mini Pet Pig Blog by Katie and Coccolino. (see how whee tied in Kate and Katie?!)

Now I must jet off on more world saving missions with my new hero at my side but I will be closely following this blog. You might almost feel as though I am one of the writers. But that is just crazy talk.

Nut . . . Nut . . . And away!

Super Nut

Super Nut: Talking Salad and Sidekicks! (Competition Time!)

Well as promised whee have put some of your questions forward to Super Nut. Of course whee cannot ask him to reveal his super secret identity but he did allow us this image of him in his costume:


Now for the questions you wanted us to ask!

Us – Hi Super Nut! It’s great to have you here on the blog today.

Super Nut – *sends a smoldering pouty look in the direction of the readers* It is great to be here.

Us – So Super Nut, our first question is . . . . How did you get your name & what makes you the most famous guinea pig super hero?

Super Nut – *cough cough* Umm did I say I was the most famous? *clears throat nervously* I . . . Well . . . Well my name actually stands for something. It’s, now you have to say this in a posh British accent to get it, Not Uh-fraid of Things! Get it? Okay well my spelling wasn’t so great and . . . Yeah. Next question.

Us – Alright then. Next question is; Do you fly to the rescue? Is that fun?

Super Nut – *chuckles* Yes I do fly to the rescue and it is so much fun I sometimes fly around just to enjoy myself!

Us – Whee love this question. When you fly through the clouds, do you taste them? If you do, what do they taste like?

Super Nut – I’ve got to say that is an awesome question. Actually I have tasted clouds and they are not as nice as they look. Think melted snowflakes. Not nice, and that stuff can really give you frizzy fur!

Us – Is it OK to fly after eating a big meal?

Super Nut – Well it is okay but not recommended as I found out to my cost when I lost my salad leaves over Tower Bridge once. Not a pretty sight. Luckily the commuters blamed the pigeons!

Us – An odd one now! Does Super Nut wear his underpants on the outside of his tights?

Super Nut – Oh that is an odd one. Firstly I wonder how I would fit in tights or wear underpants?! I do have a very nice leotard which is very masculine and boarly and has never ever led to me being mistaken for a ballet dancer. Ever.

Us – A little defensive aren’t whee?! 😉 Next whee would like to know, are you required to change into your cloak and hood in a telephone booth, or if you are able to do so in any other place?

Super Nut – Actually I can change pretty much anywhere. Dash behind a bush or tree or lamp post or hooman. They never pay much attention until I’m in costume. And contrary to popular belief these costumes are highly uncomfortable and take some time to get in and out of!

Us – Can Super Nut leap over tall buildings (or cardboard boxes) in a single bound?

Super Nut – Of course! Who cannot?! Hutches, cages, magazine racks, the telly. What’s that? The sofa?! Don’t be ridiculous!

Us – Do you have a wardrobe of super capes and masks so you can send the blue/red outfit to the cleaners from time to time?

Super Nut – Actually I have a variety of spares and wear them on a cycle. Unfortunately I just got laser burns on one so I need to buy more!

Us – One for the ladies now! Do you have a girlfriend too like the “Lois Lane” ? And whee will combine this with another reader’s question of; Are you married?

Super Nut – *waggles eyebrows* Wouldn’t you like to know! Alright alright. Currently there aren’t any ladies in my life! 😦 A hectic world saving work means a lot of strain on a relationship. *looks sorrowfully at readers*

Us – Next whee want to know, is Super Nut is a lone hero or does he have a side kick like Batman had Robin?

Super Nut – Currently I am a lone hero. But I am in the market for a sidekick.

Us – Ooooooh how would you like a little help with that?!

Super Nut – I am intrigued! Alright How?

Us – Readers, bloggers, furfriends. How would you like to be Super Nut’s sidekick? Joining him in crime fighting from The Nut Cave?

You would?! Great. All you need to do is come up with a superhero name and send a pigture of yourself either in costume (photoshopped or real) or au natrual to us at

Use the subject ‘Super Sidekick’ and please make sure all pigtures are jpegs! You have until midday (Uk time) Monday 3rd December because Super Nut has a special mission to jet off on then.

Whee will have Super Nut choose his favourite and announce it hopefully that evening. So roll out the capes, pull up your big girl pants and slap on those masks . . . It’s world saving time!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

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