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Caption Me Cute!

Well caption me cute and call me a silly pig. Mummy just found a pigture of me which she loves. As a wise cavy once said “Every good pigture deserves an equally good caption”. Well actually it wasn’t a wise cavy and it wasn’t once said. It was said by me . . . Just now!

Anywho I’m losing my point. This pigture of me is great. Do I look startled? Surprised? Scared? Hugry? Mischevious? What have I heard/seen/smelt/done to cause such a reaction?! You tell me what you think in a caption posted in the comments and then tomorrow I might share the story behind it. Or get one of the others to help.

Oh and the winning caption-ator (it is a word, don’t argue with me, I’m too fluffy to be wrong!) will get a shoutout and mention in the next post too!

So come on, get those thinking caps on!


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