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Exclusive! Kidnap Or Kisses?

That’s the question on efurryone’s lips right now as a situation which started off innocently has escalated into a WWIII (Woof War 3!) or possibly hostage situation!

It began with one blogger, Doggy, claiming that he deserved more than he had been offered in Paw Tokens being offered by Miss Mollie of Mollie’s Dog Treats. Mollie answered that the rules were clear and after a ruling by Judge Sammy and will the help of Misaki (The Lawyer) and the Lovely Lady Litchi a compromise was reached and a treaty signed.

But then in a shocking turn of events another situation took place. The Post Of Explaination And A New Treaty Proposal. Despite the best efforts of all involved, Doggy then announced war, where it is said snipers were involved!

Mollie asked to see Doggy and the request was granted and Mollie arrived safely for a dinner discussion. Was it romance or rioting in the air? Whee don’t know, but our reporters tried infiltrating the Castle through a system of sewage pipes to bring you the latest! Nofurry could say they aren’t dedicated! Below is a pigture released by Doggy to prove Mollie was safe and well.

However Mollie has not contacted her concerned fur-mily. Where is Mollie now? Doggy claims she has left the castle after their discussions in his usual dramatic way (This quote from Doggy was taken from Mollie’s blog):

This is unacceptable!!
Molliw [sic] left the castle after we reached an agreement. I do not know where she is, she said she was going back to her half burnt village. Somebody is trying to destroy my honor!
Be aware, dark day are coming, I will not hesitate to burn down villages, countries, continents,  bringing Mollie back, now we are talking about my honor.
I suggest you look for refuge, this is war!!

So what is happening? Where is Mollie? And do you think our veggies will ever arrive with Mummy’s attention so caught up in this story?

Whee will update you as whee discover more!

Anyfurry with details on the whereabout of Mollie should comment here or email us

Reported By – Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

PS. Whee are considering calling the CIA to investigate (That is the Cavy Investigations Agency – A private investigations group with contacts and whiskers everywhere!)

Buddy’s New Baby . . .

No. Don’t worry. I haven’t become a young father. You all know that recently I lost my special brother and friend, Bingo. Without him I was really lonely. I didn’t feel like eating or drinking much and kept taking veggies to “Bingo’s Corner” of the cage where I used to feed him when he was unwell. I squeaked and squeaked when the hoomans went out earlier and made so much noise in the night Mummy had to sit up and talk to me

Mummy could see I was really suffering on my own so she has worked hard to help me find a friend.

So furfriends and hoomans, I would like to introduce Basil, a six wheek old piggy who I already very much like.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mummy has called him Baz in an exasperated voice a couple of times when he does silly things. He tried climbing the bars and popcorning on a shoebox, both ideas were doomed to faliure but he seems to enjoy it. Mummy’s Mum keeps calling him ‘dangermouse’! I wonder why?! His big mouse-like ears maybe? Or his habit for finding danger?! 😉

Whee hope you all like Basil as much as I do and look forward to him getting brave enough to write his own post in a few days!


PS. Our Hamster Diaries prize arrived but whee want to give it a special post of its own tomorrow!

Bittersweet Boys

So after the tragic loss of one of our blogs greatest pigsonalities whee thought whee would write a happier post. But first whee would like to extend our deepest sympathies to ‘Beloved’ the hooman who belonged to our wonderful friend Zac the All Black. Zac also had to be helped across that Rainbow Bridge today and leaves behind ‘The Princess’ who probably feels the same sense of loss as whee do. Our hearts go out to you at this terrible time.

The one piece of brightness in a sad first day without our bootiful Bingo was the arrival of a parcel. Addressed to ‘Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy’ it was also a sad reminder of how sudden this loss was and how he would never get to enjoy the contents of the gift.

The parcel was from our doggy friend Miss Mollie , whose comPIGtition whee won a prize in for a pigture of Nutty in his jumper. (See this post for proof of our awesomeness !)

The parcel contained a selection of amazing things including some drool worthy alfafa treats! (How did you know, my lovely Miss Mollie, that whee adore alfafa treats!) There was also a pigture of Mollie looking lovely which has been stuck by our cages. Yes Mollie is a pin-up girl/dog!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you Miss Mollie for running such a great comPIGtition and giving us such a wonderful gift!

Nibbles, Nutty (the handsome winner and reason for this prize!) & Buddy

In Our Lives For Days, In Our Hearts Forever

Nibbles, left, with his first friend Nugget. Uncle Nugget who will care for them over The Rainbow Bridge

If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane I’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again – Unknown

It is to our great sadness to tell you that the last of our Furry Godchildren has passed away. Despite round the clock care and a hooman in a million, the baby hammies were to unwell to survive.

Whee have descided to dedicate this post to all of them on their journey over the rainbow bridge where they will meet Nugget, Nibbles’s first companion and a much missed member of our furfamily.

Please add your own notes or letters to furfriends you have lost or messages to our bootiful godchildren in the comments.

Rest In Peace

Baby Boo – 5 days old
Bubble and Squeak – 6 days old
Ghost – 6 days old
Crumpet – 7 days old
Tom and Jerry – 8 days old
Dumbo, Albie and Monster – 8 days old.
Ralph – 9 days old
Jeeves – 13 days old
Monty – 15 days old

Dearest FurryGodchildren,

Though you only spent a short while with us here on Earth you have left a lasting impression. A series of hammy shaped holes in our hearts.

Whee cannot imagine why you were taken from us so soon. Nor can whee fathom why whee must say goodbye. They say that sorry is the hardest word but whee can assure you that ‘goodbye’ is.

Whee had so much whee wanted to teach you. So much you had yet to learn. Now you must learn it over the Rainbow Bridge with Nugget. Someday whee will join you and then whee will try to explain quite how much you meant to us all.

Your hooman Mummy and Mummy Eve fought so hard for you. You could not have had a better family. Though whee will miss you, know a cliche – true in part – you will live on in our memories; alive in our hearts.

Your Heartbroken, but ever loving
Uncle Nibbles, Uncle Nutty, Uncle Bingo & Uncle Buddy

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