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Wordless Wednesday – Tallulah Teddy

Lone-ly, Nacho, you don’t have to be lone-ly.

He misses Nutty so much already, this teddy named Tallulah is his comfort blanket. Mummy is having to make sure he eats and drinks because he is so sad he doesn’t want to himself. Poor baby

Thanks efurryone for your kind words at this tough time.



Sweet Surprise On A Shaky Sunday

Well as you know, yesterday whee had to get a parcel for me, from the post office. For some silly reason they wanted my id! Nutty wasn’t very well in the morning and had to go to the vets so Mummy said I could come along to keep him company. (I’ll explain more about the vets later.)

On the way home whee stopped early and I knew whee weren’t home yet. Then our carrier was lifted and whee were carried somewhere. I could hear the whir of something, like the printer box with the compawter. There was a soft murmur of voices but nothing I could fully make out until a loud, bored sounding voice said “Next.”

I jumped as the carrier rocked and whee moved forwards. “Card.” said the same bored sounding hooman as before. There was a long pause broken only by shuffling noises and the occasional hooman cough. “ID.” demanded the voice. Mummy’s voice followed, so soft I couldn’t make out what she said. Apparently the hooman couldn’t either, “What?” snapped the hooman rudely. “I don’t have ID for the person the parcel is addressed to, it’s my guinea pig.” Mummy finally said loudly. After a second of absolute silence the hooman laughed. And a few other hoomans laughed. My carrier rocked again and then the roof opened slightly. I looked suspiciously out at the strange hoomans. There was more laughter and other hoomans waiting asked why I didn’t have a drivers license or something like that. This whole time the postie-man just laughed. Mummy proved who she was and they handed over the parcel, saying they hoped whee enjoyed it and had a great day. One even said they hoped Nutty was better soon.

When whee got home Mummy let me open my parcel. She was going to try to get pigtures of me opening it, but I was too excited and bouncy and she didn’t trust me not to escape while she took pigtures! So here is what was in my parcel prize from my furfriend Sammy the cat!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Those apple sticks look deeeeee-licious.

Unfortunately whee are going to have to end this post on a sad note. Nutty was taken to the vets yesterday due to a recurring respiratory problem which has been coming and going for months. He became significantly worse yesterday morning and whee rushed to the vets. During the course of yesterday his health declined rapidly and the hoomans were very worried. Whee are pleased to report he made it through last night, though he is struggling to breathe properly right now and cannot eat or drink for himself. Though he did eat a small piece or parsley and chewed on one of Sammy’s apple sticks so he is trying. With a great team of vets, furfriends and clever cavy savvy people advising us and all our hoomans there is still some hope but the signs are not good right now.


Please send my Daddy Nut, all your healing love and support.

Whee will update you as soon as whee can.



Treat Tragedy Tuesday

It’s a tragedy . . . officially. Mummy has run out of my most favourite dried herb treats in the whole wide world. She got the packet like she usually does, and tipped it over my treat bowl saying I should “enjoy the crumbs left” Crumbs?! It was practically nothing! And I checked . . . see:

I gave her the hard stare and she is under strict orders to fetch me more tomorrow. For now, she is letting me sniff the empty bag, like a kitty with a small taster of catnip.


Burgess Excel Country Garden Herbs – Empty bag, empty life

Comfort me furfriends, I don’t think I can wait! What are your favourite treats?



Heavy Hearts, Heartbroken In The Hutch

It is with a heavy heart whee reveal some very sad news whee have not been able to tell you for a few days. (Due to one of the little hoomans being away and whee wanted to wait until he was home to tell him)

Nibbles, at the proud age of 7, became very ill at 3:45 on Monday 1st July. Despite our hoomans best efforts and the kindness of a neighbour who drove them to the vets as soon as they could, whee made the heartbreaking decision to let him go to sleep. Nibbles left for the rainbow bridge at 4:30. Here are some of our favourite pigtures of him:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Whee would very much appreciate it if you would take a moment to click here and light one of the candles in his group to remember him.

There’s not much more whee can say, other than, Nibbles, you were the sweetest, funniest little piggy and Mummy’s very first piggy. Without you whee others would not be here.

Run free over that rainbow bridge sweet baby.

Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Fundraising Animal Auction for Lovely Leo . . . The Mollie Miracle

There is something special which whee are reminded of in times of need. This blogosphere is a family. A family who pull together and create miracles when one of them is in need.

There is a kitty in need right now. If you aren’t familiar with Leo’s story – just visit our previous post where whee mention him or Savannah’s blog and take a look to see how much her foster bro-fur is going through. Leo is a very sick cat and Savannah’s pawrents are footing most of the vet bills while the cat charity he is from is trying to raise funds.

However a furry kind furry is creating one of the aforementioned miracles in doing a big Auction and Raffle thingy to raise money. To see the posts about how you can help see Mollie’s blog here and how to buy raffle tickets here. As this is quite a lot for one person to handle Misaki is also helping out and you can donate and buy raffle tickets there too.


Untitled-12If you can donate something or buy a ticket then please hop over there. All donations need to be told to Mollie or Misaki by Friday 17th. The Auction with take place on Monday 20th and raffle winners will be announced on Wednesday 22nd.

So please, if you can, help do! There is no better cause than family.

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


ps. Whee dedicate this song to Savvy, Leo and their pawrents . . .

Turn Our Backs On Troubles!

Well whee finally have some good news! Nutty has begun to eat on his own a bit! This means the medicines must be working! Yay!

So whee are turning our backs on troubles as you can see:


Can you guess who is behind that behind? Whee will narrow it down as it is clearly a tri-colour. Is it Nibbles or Buddy?

Hopefully things will return to normal soon and paws crossed Nutty is on the road to recovery!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Bad Things Come In Three’s . . .

Well if bad things do come in threes whee are expecting one more. As you know Nutty is ill. Well today Mummy was taken ill too and now she has gone to bed so the little hoomans are helping us. Whee don’t have much but here are some pigtures of Nutty today. As you can see he looks a bit better but he still will not eat for himself so even though Mummy is unwell she and her pawrents will be up everything three or four hours to feed him through the night.

IMG_1677 IMG_1693

His eye is still a little sore and half closed but it isn’t weeping or crusty anymore so paws crossed the antibiotics are working.

Whee really appreciate your kind wishes efurryone, hopefully whee can bring better news soon.

Nibbles, Buddy & Basil


Mindless . . .

Well, firstly, whee must tell you that the competition is now officially . . . CLOSED. Whee will be announcing the winners in the next post. It is definitely going to be a tough decision. (Molly – if you send a suitably grovelly note whee will consider allowing you as a late entry!

Now onto the main subject of our post. Mindless violence never fails to shock us. The mindlessness of the violence in that school shooting. It’s so sad. Now something violent happened at the local Scout group Christmas fair. It is not quite on the same level but these people all start somewhere. The little hoomans were helping out on a cuddly toy stall when one of them noticed shouting and laughter. He went over to investigate and found some of the older kids methodically cutting and destroying a small toy giraffe. Pulling out it’s stuffing and throwing it around. Apparently they won it and didn’t want it. So they destroyed it. Why?

The little hooman waited for them to leave and collected it up, repairing it with cardboard tubes and sellotape then brought home to Mummy. She worked for over forty minutes but finally repaired it. It needed restuffing and stitches everywhere but now he is well again. They have called him Mr Muffin – Mr Muffin who lost his stuffin’!









Who Knews And Some News!

First things first, who correctly guessed what I was staring at in the pigture below? Well only two furfriends guessed right because you all seem to think my mind is permanantly on my stomach! A wonderful winner whiffle goes to Dakota and to Dianda  who knew I was staring at another piggy, Buddy!






Now onto Nibbles’ News. Thank you for your kind words, I am ok. Unfortunately, Saturday, Mummy took me to the vets because my claws needed clipping and she was a bit worried about the way I was walking. Apparently I was hopping a little like a bunny rabbit!

Well the vet was surprisingly nice! He actually talked to me. When he felt my legs I jumped and winced and he knew exactly what was wrong.  I have the early stages of piggy arthritis. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Just a part of piggy old age.

Mummy launched into action and began questioning the vet. They had a long discussion about what was best. As I’m not really suffering they didn’t feel that I need medication just yet but I most likely will in the future, they even discussed doing a trial of some anti-inflammatories for a wheek to see if my bunny hop walk lessened.

When whee got home Mummy dashed to her forum friends to ask questions and searched the computermabob for more information. Well there really isn’t much out there regarding this. Mummy was surprised. Maybe I can become a helpful resource to other piggy parents? The best Mummy found was on Peter Gurney’s website – he is a piggy guru – on his page about old age! He has a suggestion of some hooman tablets which you can give to piggies called Potters Tabritis (see here – Other suggestions range from accupuncture to water therapy, neither of which Mummy is to sure about until she has looked into it a bit more.

Mummy’s forum friends say not to let me get too cold so Mummy rushed out today and bought me a gift. It is called a snuggle safe heat pad and Mummy and me think it is great! All you do is put it in the microwave and then you have ten hours of warm snuggliness!


Mummy heated it . . . .


And tucked it in my bed where I loved it!

On my blanket covered heat pad!

On my blanket covered heat pad!

This is a bit of a learning curve from all of us. This does of course explain some of my more recent grumpiness so in a way it is a good thing I went to the vet, and I didn’t think I would be saying that!

Hope you are all having a good day and I can warmly (please forgive the pun, I couldn’t help myself!) recommend these snugglesafe heat pads for all animals as a great Winter warmer. They are pet safe and the perfect temperature. I just want to know why Mummy didn’t get one like this before!

Hope you have had an awesome day and are as excited about Pigmass as whee are! Whee put our decorations up today so whee will share those tomorrow.




PS. Massive thank you cuddles to Miss Mollie and Alfie and their hooman for making this wonderful Pigmass pigture of us! Santa’s sleigh will never be late with us on the case!

My Precious One . . . .

Today whee are going to post something sad.

In a few days (On the 7th November) it will be Buddy’s first birthday. (Or as near as whee can guess and the date the hoomans picked)

Anyway, while this is a happy time it is also tinged with sadness. Sadness for Bingo, Buddy brother and first companion who some of you may remember, who died only nine months old and never reached his first birthday.

Mummy wrote a poem inspired partly by a post on a forum whee visit and partly on her feelings for Bingo. It is called ‘Today I saw a Rainbow Bridge’. Whee hope you like it.

Today I saw a rainbow bridge,
‘A smilin’ down on me,
And you popcorning along it,
Finally happy and pain free.
Yes today I saw the pathway,
That took you to heavens door,
And I knew that you were at peace,
And I should grieve no more.
That staircase to the angels,
That I prayed you’d never climb,
Has faded now to blue sky,
Letting me know it was time.
But now whenever it rains,
And the sunshine doesn’t go,
I’ll see those multi colours,
And think of you, I know.

Now whee will leave you with a song that makes Mummy’s heart ache. It is one she often sings to us as a lullaby and one she sang to Bingo as he was put to sleep.

Have you lost anyone special recently? Or even long ago? Do these days ever get any easier?

Your Sorrowfully
Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & (even though he never knew him) Basil

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