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Silly Situation Saturday

Whee have a bit of a silly situation here . . . If you follow us on twitter you might have seen it already but whee had a card through the door when the hoomans got home. It was from the Royal Mail, telling us they had tried to deliver a package but whee weren’t in. Well whee were but our paws wouldn’t reach the door handle.

The package is addressed to a Nacho Williamson and though whee are pretty sure whee know who it is from whee now have the silly part. The note would like us to bring proof of Nacho’s identity in the form of . . . a passport, drivers license, credit or debit card etc.

How does someone tell a postie-man that the package is for a guinea pig, and more to the point how does one prove it?! Maybe Nacho needs some id? As his guardian it is my duty to find him some:

cavy rocks coffeecia nacho

Do you have any id cards? How do you think this is going to go down in the post office? Well efurryone else think Mummy is bonkers already so what does she has to lose?!

Happy Saturday



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