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Nacho’s Nose And A Shopping Mission

Yesterday whee showed you a pigture of a little nose under a tent. The naughty little mischief maker who pawtied all night! Yes it was Nacho Nose! A lot of you guessed right and you get to take this badge of honour!


Now whee tried something a bit different for the next one. Somefurry on twitter asked what our Mummy gets when she shops for us. Bearing in mind what a deadly mission it is, whee armed the hooman with a camera and sent her off! This is our first, sort-of-half-attempt at a vlog which Mummy has wanted to try to do for awhile. Please let us know what you think ^_^

What does your hooman get you when they go shopping? Have you ever been shopping with your hoomans? Was it fun?

Have a great Sunday efurryone!

Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

Sleep It Off Saturday! A Hoomans Revenge!

After a long night pawtying, and keeping the hoomans up by knocking the water bottle off his cage and throwing things around multiple times (being surprisingly noisy!), one little piggy didn’t really enjoy the early morning run in the sunshine . . .


Our hoomans revenge! Can you guess which piggy it is!

Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil


Trying To Talk Thursday

Ok, the little hoomans laughed. Mummy laughed. The vet laughed. And all the other piggies laughed. Much to my shame, I am a piggy who cannot squeak. I try so very hard, honestly I do! A lot of air rushes in and out in my excitement but very little sound seems to follow, unlike efurryone elses squeaks, which are so loud a piercing they can be heard from outside the house!

Mummy decided to film me trying to squeak. This is actually one of the times I managed to make a sound so Mummy was very proud of me!

Does anyone have any tips on how to squeak? Or maybe I wasn’t born to squeak . . . maybe I should try to meow or woof? What do you think?

Happy Thurday efurryone



(Not) Wordless Wednesday – On The Mend

The vet is still not quite sure what is causing me to feel so unwell. As you may know they took a pigture of my insides and I was so well behaved they did it without any anesthetic to make me sleep for it. Whee think that it seems to be a respiratory problem that I just can’t quite shake. The medications I am now taking grudgingly like an angel, should help me be better soon.

Thanks for all your kind words and wishes. Happy Wednesday



Monday Moan!

My little hoomans love to watch TV,

Like zombies they’ll sit and stare,

Watching whatever catches their eyes,

But never seem to share.


I got stuck watching the sports today,

When teen hooman had the remote,

I wanted to watch the music channel,

Couldn’t whee have had a vote?!

And now Daddy hooman is watching,

A complex documentary,

And all that that long old while,

No one is watching me!

I shouldn’t really be jealous,

Of that grey/black light up box,

When I’m much more fun to cuddle,

And don’t give out electric shocks.

So when Mummy hooman says loudly,

“That’s enough telly today,”

I do a little popcorn,

Because now, with me, they’ll play!

My pigture’s always in HD,

I’m 3D and touch screen,

‘Am I jealous of that TV?!’

Oh don’t know what you mean!




ps. thank you for all your kind wishes for Nutty – whee will update you as soon as whee know anything – and kind words for Mummy, they mean soo much.

Break The Boredom! Time For Toys!

Like any animal, whee guinea pigs can get bored. Some signs of boredom include, not running around as much, overeating, barbering (chewing the hair of ourselves or another guinea pig) and biting cage bars. These things can be annoying and upsetting to your hoomans

Bar chewing naughtiness!

Our dear little Bingo was very badly behaved and like bar biting

There are things other than toys that can prevent boredom. The most important ones are:

– A fellow piggy as a furfriend. This is super important. Whee guinea pigs need companionship or whee can become very lonely.
– Hay, Hay, whee always love a bit of hay! Unlimited hay is not only needed for good health but also a great thing to play in
– Fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to change it up. You wouldn’t like eating the same thing efurryday and neither do whee.
– Regular floor time. Running in the garden in a run or inside the house in a piggy proof area gives us stimulation and keeps things interesting!
– Cuddles with hoomans  and interaction. Whee often squeak to our hoomans and have long conversations. Hoomans aren’t great at listening and don’t always seem to understand but with practice they improve!

Now onto the fun part! The toys! Firstly, the very best toy whee can suggest is a hidey place. Some hoomans say that you shouldn’t give us a hidey because whee will just hide and never get used to you but our Mummy found that letting us hide and slowly gaining our trust was a far better option and now if whee really don’t want cuddles or to talk to anyone whee can hide. In the wild whee are prey animals so whee run and hide when whee are afraid or want to be alone. Mummy says they make us feel more secure and that is true. Good hideys include:

Cardboard boxes, a favourite of ours. Shoe boxes are best!

– Shop bought ‘igloos’ fondly known as pigloos in the cavy world!

Wooden huts, also available from pet shops

– Fabric pet shelters such as tents or other animal bedsIMG_4234

This leads us neatly into snuggle toys such as:

– Flat cushions, these can be bought or hand made quite easily. The one Buddy models below was a first attempt by our hooman. She just used a fleece blanket and some pet safe wadding bought from an arts and crafts shop.

A Proud Prince Buddy refuses to admit to ear envy . . .

Blankets, most fabrics are ok but fleece is best

– Dog, cat or rabbit cosies and beds (or the little hoomans build a bear dog bed toy for their teddy!)

Cuddlecups which are essentially fleece snuggle pouches. You can make your own or buy them using online guides

(Even our Mummy has made them so it can’t be too hard!)

A baby Buddy enjoys cosy testing!

A baby Buddy enjoys cosy testing!

Fleece tunnels, also can be made or bought using online guides (relatively advanced though so not for your average can only just sew in a straight line hooman, like our hooman!)

Finally toys to chomp and chew and play with!

– Brown paper bags. Primark in the UK do some good one’s for this. Stuff them with hay and treats for good fun.


– Screwed up balls of newspaper (sometimes hiding treats in there is fun as it makes us forage like whee would in the wild)

Kitchen and toilet roll tubes. Stuff them with hay and treats and you have hours of fun.


– Tennis balls or other sports balls so long as they’re a good size and fun to push around.Nutty's On The Ball!

Plastic tunnels you can buy in most pet shops.

Wooden garland gnawing toys, available in most pet shops. If you have bar biting piggies hanging these across the affected areas can help deal with this by giving us something else to chew on.


Willow twig balls and twigs to play with. Mummy uses the twigs to kebab veggies on for us as something fun to do sometimes. In hot weather, high water content veggies on a kebab are a fun way to keep cool.

– Slightly messier but still good fun, a plant pot or container, stuffed with shredded newspaper, hay, bedding and strip of fleece and fabrics. This works with most animals as a good toy, just adjust the size of your container to match your pet!

Maze of books and boxes. Our little hoomans love designing mazes for us to play in. They have a toy piggies which is the same weight as us and life size so they can be sure it is a safe. They hide treats and whee have great fun tracking them down!

– A wash cloth cut into strips (not completely, leave a 2cm gap uncut at one end) and hung across the cage can be fun to run under and play in.

Mirrors. Whee are slightly obsessed with our reflections so bird toy mirrors are really good fun.

There are plenty of fun things you can make or do for your piggies. Imagination is key! Mummy just spent fifteen minutes playing with Basil and a square of tissue he liked chasing and shredding. Whee don’t need you to spend money to have fun!


An old pigture of Nutty who also love the tissue game!

Do you have any boredom busting tip? What are your favourite toys?

Happy Saturday

Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil


Flashback Friday – History Repeating Itself

All of a sudden I understand exactly what Buddy meant . . . Baby piggies are exhausting! Sometimes you just need space! This old pigture of Buddy and Basil looks suspiciously familiar to a certain scene the hooman saw today!


Buddy & Basil


Me (Nutty) & Nacho

Ranger’s flashback Friday – Click the pic to go to his blog and see all the others blogs connected to this!


Pigs Is Pigs?

Whee only just found this but it gave us a good giggle! Walt Disney – Pigs Is Pigs

How whee came to be know as “pigs” is a mystery that only our dear ancestors will ever know the answer to. One idea is that some of our squeaks reminded hoomans of a pig squeal. Whee are shaped quite like pigs too. Whee have a large head compared to our bodies, a short neck, and a rounded rump (yes ’rounded’ Mummy, not fat as you like to say) Also, like pigs, whee do spend most of our of time eating.

Our name sounds much like whee are pigs in many languages. The German word for example is Meerschweinchen, literally “little sea pigs” (sailing ships stopping to get provisions for the New World would pick up groups of guinea pigs, which provided an easily transportable source of fresh meat. Whee are not to happy about that!). The Welsh term is mochyn cwta (‘little pig’), the French Cochon d’Inde (Indian pig), the Dutch used to call us guinees biggetje (Guinean piglet). In Italian the term is either Porcellino d’India (Little Indian Pig) or Cavia Peruviana (Peruvian Cavy). This is not universal but yes, hoomans do think of us as pigs. Not an insult really. Whee know many pigs who are very nice but whee are not pigs!

The scientific name of our species is Cavia porcellus, with porcellus being Latin for “little pig”. Cavia is derived from Portuguese çavia from the Tupi word sawiya, meaning rat!

The origin of “guinea” in “guinea pig” is even harder to explain, and like the pig part, unknown officially! Whee will leave that for another day. For now, here is a diagram which essentially explains us!


(source: Guinea Pig Zone – click on the pigture to see their page)

Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil


Wordless Wednesday – Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting!

Or well . . . maybe not quite, but whee had an intense game of Orthello to decide who got the last carrot!

Nutty & Nacho


ps. Kung Fu Guinea Pig anyone?

Treat Tragedy Tuesday

It’s a tragedy . . . officially. Mummy has run out of my most favourite dried herb treats in the whole wide world. She got the packet like she usually does, and tipped it over my treat bowl saying I should “enjoy the crumbs left” Crumbs?! It was practically nothing! And I checked . . . see:

I gave her the hard stare and she is under strict orders to fetch me more tomorrow. For now, she is letting me sniff the empty bag, like a kitty with a small taster of catnip.


Burgess Excel Country Garden Herbs – Empty bag, empty life

Comfort me furfriends, I don’t think I can wait! What are your favourite treats?



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