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Piggy Possible

It’s just a short post today. Mummy finally managed to get a short video of me breaking out of my cage!

What are your agent worthy skills?



Cute Overload?!

When Mummy first told us about this song whee thought it was called cute over ‘LORD’ and while whee are probably that too whee are more overloading the cute scale. Here is us having floor time and playing with the hoomans today. Hope you like it, and yes, it is another ear worm song!

Buddy & Basil


The Proof Is In The Pudding . . .

Not sure where that phrase comes from but the proof Nutty is better was in his dinner today. He squeaked and squeaked when he heard Mummy’s Mum getting the others some hay which made Mummy feel a whole load better!

This is one of the first videos on our brand new fabulous youtube channel thingy. Cool huh?! It is of Nutty calling for food for the first time since he fell ill. (Please ignore Mummy’s Mum speaking in a silly voice!)

Let us know what you think and whee will make some more videos over the next few months. Do you think whee should make piggy care videos? Or share funny home videos (trust us, whee have tons!)?

Hope you all have a great Thursday!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


ps. for those who guessed, it was Nibbles’s booty in the previous post! Well done if you guessed right!

Hutch A Good Pet Pigture Pigmass Contest!

Well whee promised to announce our pigture contest and here goes!

Hutch A Good Pet Pigture Pigmass Contest!

There are a few catergories for you to enter a pet pigture in:

Tinsel Terrors and Troubles – You getting into mischief or posing in a load on tinsel!


Noel Naughtiness – You being naughty!

Basil steals Buddy’s hat! It doesn’t get naughtier!

Present Posers – You posing with some presents! (Whee haven’t got any yet to pose with – *glares at Mummy*)

Christmas Angel – For boys and girls who are top of the good list this year! Who will be the angel at the top of our tree?

Nutty Angel?!

Merry Mischief Maker – Whee will hold a vote for this one. Merry Mischief Maker of 2012!

You can enter a normal photo or an photoshopped photo. It is up to you!

Just email them to us at and attach the pigture as a jpeg. Use the subject Pigmass Pigture Contest and tell us in the body of the email the name of your pet and which catergory they want to be entered in. Please mention if you have a blog too!

The Winner of each catergory will get a secret special prize (it is so secret whee haven’t even been told about it!)

Entries close Sunday 16th December with winner and polls being announced the following day.

Remember any animal can enter. Whee cannot wait to feel the Pigmass cheer.

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


But Mummy It’s Cold Outside!

Soooooo cold!

Soooooo cold!

Brrrr. It has been a really cold day today! Whee had our cages cleaned out but when whee were put back whee were horrorfied. There was a distinct lack of hay.

The hoomans explained it was just coming and they had to fetch it from the shed but I was shocked.

For those not cavy savvy whee piggies require hay to be 80%, yes you heard me right 80% of our diet.

Honestly, it was awful!

Honestly, it was awful!

A full, frankly shocking, three minutes later it was put in but not before I had given them a look of disgust and squeaked pathetically. When Mummy got back I relayed the full story with the gruesome details. I was so cold, I wheeked. Frozen to my core, I wailed. I could have died! She sniggered and I looked reproachful. She snuggled and cooed at me.

Oh it is such a hard life to be a piggy!



Seven Little Men?!

Ok so they aren’t men but here are our winning Dwarves and Butler Bumble-A-Bout!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Congratulations to the winners and well done to all who entered. Whee wish there could be twenty dwarves but the title just wouldn’t work and it would be a cram in a tiny cottage. Not to mention that making twenty beds would take Snow White all day!

Don’t forget to keep voting for your favourites on the polls on the previous post to help chose who will star in the rest of the roles!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

It’s Time To Meet The Stars Of Our Show . . . !

Well the day has arrived! The day you find out who will star in our panto drama! After our first attempt at this post has left the family compawter on life support whee are now on Mummy’s laptop and a little more cautious. Whee said whee would need your help and . . . well . . . whee do.

Whee managed (with the help of our little hoomans) to choose our winning dwarves. It was super hard to chose but wordpress really won’t let us have too many polls and there were a lot of entries. Whee will reveal the winner in the next post while you continue to vote.

Surprisingly whee only had one entrant for the role of Butler Bumble-A-Bout but you only need the right one and he certainly is. Whee will also reveal him in our next post.

In this post whee are focusing on our roles whee need help deciding on. Please vote for your favourites and tell us in the comments what you think of our prospective cast!

Please share this everywhere you can to gather votes and support for yourself or your favourites!

It’s Panto Time!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Snow White


Prince Rupert


The Magic Mirror


Wicked Queen



Efurryone shouts together: Happy Birthday Buddy!

Buddy: Aww thanks efurryone.

Efurryone: Whee have a surprise cake contest for you to judge! Our fab furfriends have made you birthday cakes!

Buddy: Woweee. There are so many to choose from! Thanks efurryone. Hmmmmm. If I really had to chose there is one that stands out . . .

Thank you Easy Rider!

It has my name on it and everything! Now I’m sure you all want to see the cake I actually got to eat! My Mummy made it!

The Cake

           Me eating my nommy cake!

Basil seems to think I need some help . . . Oh well I suppose it is my birthday.

That’s the last time I let Basil try anything! He trampled through it in his excitment and squished most of it!

Being the ever so nice piggy I am I let Nibbles have a slice!

Even Nutty gets to chow down on the action!

Thanks efurryone for making this such a great day. I can’t believe I am already one year old. But does Mummy not realise what’s coming next?! That’s right! The terrible TWO’S! Eeek!

Piggy kisses efurryone



Shape Up For Winter!

Do you look like this?

But want to look like this?

There are no fad diets, you just eat whatever you want! Here are my top two exercises!

Exercise 1 – The Lap-Snuggle-Stretch

This exercise is a favourite of pretty much efurryone one I have ever taught. The lap snuggle stretch is designed so that you simply reach out with your body and stretch and relax.

If you have no hooman around you can do the Sofa Stretch which can be done on any chair or even the floor (though that is a bit uncomfortable!) Just reach out with your front paws while pushing away with your back paws.

Exercise 2 – Paws Up & Eat

This is a very simple move designed to fit in at normal feeding time. You just need to stand before your food bowl with your paws a stomach width apart. Then place one paw on the edge of the food bowl and stretch forward to have a mouthful. Step down and chew mouthful.

Then repeat three times. As you improve you will be able to support your body enough to place both paws on the edge of the food bowl as Buddy demonstrated above.

If this seems like too much effort then you can tilt your head to the side of the bowl and eat noms between stretches, as demonstrated by Nutty on the right.

This is also great if you are hungry as it looks really pathetic and as though you are half starved, usually encouraging a hooman to fetch you something. (Works best if you have emptied the food bowl beforehand!)

Before long you will all be able to manage the Lotus Position just like I can!

So that is the Guru Nibbles Winter Warm-Up and Shape-Up exercise plan! If you would like to attempt any of these exercises get your hooman to take photographic evidence and either post it on your own blog or email it to me

That is all for now young grass hopper!

Guru Nibbles


Work Hard, Blog Harder!

Look what Miss Mollie gave us! How cool is that?! It’s called the ‘Devious Clever Genius Award’ It doesn’t seem to have any particular requirements but whee just want to say thank you to Mollie. Whee were pretty devious and clever when whee hooman shamed Mummy!

Whee are going to pass it on to a few of you. Lady Litchi at LongLifeCatsAndDogs, for being a wonderful Empress and Genius! Pretty Princess Zena, who is very clever and our furfriend, Clever Clowie at Clowie’s Corner for teaching us a lot of important stuff about hooman training.

Another piece of big exciting news is that our Mummy found out that she has got her very first job today and will be starting it the wheek after next! This means she will be able to afford more exciting toys and prezzies for us. With Pigmas and other expensives times coming she is really glad the she will be getting money in. It is going to be long hours but hopefully it won’t affect Mummy helping us with the blog.

Back to our Spook-tober Spectacular whee are going to give you advanced warning to polish those camera lenses and practise your most frightening face. Yes whee will soon be announcing the next Contest. That’s all the hints you are going to get, feel free to take a guess on what the contest might be. Whee aren’t saying anything else right now but whee can promise it will be Spookily Special!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


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