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Tweet Tweet Tuesday

Well whee said Mummy hadn’t managed to get any pigtures of Robby Robin but this morning she managed it and whee just had to share them with you! Whee know he’s not the same level of adorable as us but he’s furry cute in his own way.

He likes to sit at the top of the tallest tree in our garden and sing first thing in the morning and last thing at night. He’s got a furry good singing voice! Whee have tried to copy him but Mummy laughs at our efforts! The local birds make such a strange range of noises from clicks, to tweets, to caws, to whistles! Sometimes when whee are playing in the garden and Robby Robin starts sings whee squeak to him and he sometimes responds! Mummy will try to film this so you can see for yourselves.

Robins are Mummy’s favourite bird because they remind her of Autumn and Winter which are her favourite seasons. What’s your favourite bird?

Have a great Tuesday whatever you are up to and whee will squeak to you soon!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


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