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Don’t Parsley Me By! (A Pigture Contest)

Hiya efurryone. Firstly you haven’t heard from us two for awhile but here whee are enjoying parsley in the garden today:

This leads neatly onto our new contest. Don’t Parsley Me By. Mummy has decided she needs something as a distraction for her and what better way to keep her busy than with a pigture contest!

Whee would like you to all send us your pigtures of your rescue pets. Whether you adopted them from an official rescue (or shelter), took them from a bad home or situation or saved them from a terrible fate. Whee would like you to send their pigtures with a line about what they came from. The pigture can be of them looking pleading or really enjoying their new homes. (Sorry for anyfurry who doesn’t have a rescue pet, whee will have other pigture contests soon) If you don’t have a rescue pet you can send us a pigture of your pet campaigning for animals in rescues (be as inventive as you like!)

This was inspired by Mummy hearing a song that made her think of rescue pets. The song is called Lonely No More by Clay Aiken. What whee would like to do is, collect as many as whee can and put them into a video to this song to raise awareness of animals in need.

You can send your pigtures to us at or tweet them to us @HutchAGoodLife (afraid whee aren’t too savvy with other social networks just yet so just these this time!) Please use the subject title “Don’t Parsley Me By Contest” for email entries and mention the contest in tweets.

The closing date is Thursday 12th September at 1pm (GMT aka UK time) Please spread the word, whee want to get as many hoomans and furries involved as possible. If you have more than one rescue pet you can enter a maximum of three pigtures (all must be of different pets).

Depending on how many entries, whee hope to be able to include efurryone! The pigture that is the overall winner will be the opening pigture for the video and the runner up will be the closing pigture.

So hoomans get snapping and pets get posing.

Whee can’t wait to see your entries! Happy Friday

Buddy & Basil


Room In Your Heart – Rudolph The Red Eyed Piggy Campaign

Well whee just cannot bear it. Apparently there will be lots of pink eyed animals in rescue’s and shelters over Pigmass because they ‘scare’ people. Well whee have news from Rudolph which may change things a bit . . .

Hello, there little hoomans,
It is Rudolph here,
There was word on the sleigh,
Today, that I was shocked to hear.
People having a problem,
With body parts coloured like rubies,
Well listen to me out there,
I’ve got news for you newbies.
Santa Paws would get nowhere,
If it weren’t for MY nose,
It is bright ruby red,
And some say it glows.
Now what’s wrong with scarlet,
Or a soft burgundy,
Come on try to explain it,
You can’t? Oh well, I see.
What’s creepy about them?
What made you shy away?
Because honestly I don’t get,
Why hoomans judge animals this way.
I could say “Eugh you’ve got blue eyes,
Or horrid brown hair,
And I don’t like YOUR nose”,
But I don’t cos’ I don’t care.
It’s what’s on the inside,
Look past what you see,
And accept them for what they are,
Or answer to me!


Well our first Rudolph’s come from Glynneath Guinea Pig Rescue.

This gorgeous pair of brothers have been at the rescue awhile . . . why? Because of their pretty pink eyes 


A little fella we don’t know much about but he is on the boar daters (a special system where you can pair up your lonely boar with a new friend) . Apparently he is quite shy and Daddy to the two above:


So if you are adopting, think pink this Pigmass.

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

Ps. Please raise awareness of pink eyed pets plights in anyway you can.

Secret Santa Paws!

What’s that?! Surprise secret Santa Paws?! Well who wouldn’t want to find me in their stocking?! 🙂

Well whee have something very exciting to share! Today when Mummy got in from work she checked the compawter then started squealing. I briefly wondered if she was trying to squeak my lingo but then she began the bouncing from foot to foot dance.

When she made no move to do the normal hooman thing of going to the toilet I examined her movements more closely and realised she was dancing. Strange though it was I squeaked at her to explain herself. She picked me up (I had been running around the living room enjoying floor time) and began to explain.

All over the world there are animals who do not have and will not have a safe, loving home this Pigmass. Whee cannot help all of them or take all of them in (no matter how much whee might want to!) but whee can do a little something for a few guinea pigs in a UK rescue thanks to a wonderful idea run by some incredibly kind and generous individuals on a guinea pig forum whee adore. Secret Santa.

The idea is this: you send your name and say you would like to be paired up with a piggy (unfortunately it is all closed up now but whee managed to enter in time!) then you wait for them to pair you up! Today Mummy recieved the message saying which piggies whee were paired with.

They do include this:

“Please note: secret santas are anononmous! so don’t tell anyone! ”

Sorry guys but whee cannot reveal our piggies! Suffice to say whee did a little research and they are bootiful!

Mummy says she will shop for them tomorrow and she cannot wait. Whee have reminded her not to forget us! I did point out that the piggies are gorgeous . . . And I am gorgeous . . . And who wouldn’t want to unwrap me on Pigmass morning but she loves me to much to give me away, even for a good cause. *sigh* Sorry Ladies (and/or Gentlepigs!), I tried!

Now you are out of time to join in this secret santa but whee do have a little plan to help spread Pigmass cheer.

Why not find out where your local shelter is and see what they need. Blankets, towels, shampoos and toys are almosts always welcome. Then get your hooman to do a little Pigmass shopping and package up whatever you can get. After that you can write a little note or use this one:

There is ice on the ground,
And a chill in the air,
But luckily for you,
We have warmth to spare.
It may not be much,
But I hope it brightens up your day,
And makes lives better this Christmas,
That’s all I hope and I pray.

Tuck that in and send it on it’s way. You may not recieve any thanks. In fact if you do it properly and don’t tell anyfurry then you won’t but the feeling of warm fuzzies and Pigmass cheer will make you feel ten paws tall!

So why not try it. Presents can be big or small, money or packages, whatever you can give. Make a pet’s Pigmass!


Hey Hey Mister Postman . . .

Hey Mister Post-y-man, look and see that parcel is addressed to a piggy!

Yes today whee recieved our parcel from our good friend Savannah (If you click the link you can see why whee recieved this gift from her and her hoomans). It was super exciting because it had our names on it!

Whee were really excited when whee opened it . . .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Whee are getting stuck into it, though whee admit whee have cried over some of the saddest stories.

You can buy your own copy of the book here:


Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy





Fifty Strands Of Hay!

As promised whee are giving you a story! Mummy’s first story is a version of the book Fifty Shades Of Grey, which Mummy says is incredibly naughty and very popular in the UK right now. Whee begged and begged her to let us read some so she has written us our own version.

She says it is completely clean and a little like the book. As she won’t let us read the original whee cannot verify this but whee hope you like it and it is the first of many guinea pig stories!

You can find it under the new tab of ‘Piggy Stories’ but here is a direct link.


Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

PS. Just want to say a special hello to Chika and Flicka our new piggy friends. Whee will put you on Buddy’s Babes as soon as whee can!

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