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Ransom, Revelations & Lobsters

Well it has been busy today! To see how whee got here please skip back and read the previous post.

Basically Mollie HAS been kidnapped. The kidnapper, using the rather anonymous title ‘The Dognapper’ has declared a ransom of 1000 lobsters. Why lobsters? Whee are still unsure. Live lobsters maybe to create an under the sea army? Cooked ones for a fancy evening meal? It is all speculation at this point.

With no certainty about Mollie’s safety (and Doggy’s threat of war endangering animals and vegetables everywhere!) whee have had to contact the CIA (Cavy Investigations Agency) who have sent four of their best agents.

Agent N1BBles,
Agent NU77Y,
Agent 8UDDY and
Agent 8A51L.

This crime fighting quad will soon have things sorted. They are experts. Silent and deadly as ninjas! Very handsome and brave and amazing. Obviously whee cannot reveal their real identities but whee did get the below pigtures of three of them parachuting in and one of an Agent deeply focused as he searches for Mollie in a toy box.

Whee also have three pigtures of evidence. Mollie’s proof of safety before the meal at Doggy’s castle, Mollie leaving Doggy’s castle and the Ransom Note. Whee are working round the clock to work out how to get Mollie back (as are the great team across the blogosphere as mentioned in the previous post!)

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If you have any information relating to the investigation, please contact us.

Your Reporting and certainly not Agent Piggies

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

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