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Can My Piggy Eat Pumpkin?


It’s the spookiest time of the year. When witches and ghosties stalk the streets and the things that go bump in the night come out to play! It’s also the time of year when whee bring those pumpkins into our homes and create fun and scary jack o’laterns!

Following on from our guide to apples for piggies whee are going to answer the question: “Can guinea pigs eat pumpkin?”

As with all things; whee know hoomans love getting the whole family involved in the festivities of Hallo-wheek. Whether this is through dressing up, telling spooky stories to one another or sharing terrifying treats; pets can get involved!

The simple answer is yes, whee can eat pumpkin! But there are a few things you should know first.

4 Things you should know before giving your piggy pumpkin:

– Whee can eat the pumpkin rind/skin or flesh and also the stringy pulp inside the pumpkin though whee would recommend you remove that too before giving it to us.

– You should avoid giving us the leaves as they are high in calcium and the seeds are a definite no-no too with high chances of them getting stuck in our teeth or throat.

– Pumpkins are high in vitamins A and C, and fibre. Both vitamins are very important to help us maintain good health. Vitamin C helps us process proteins and fight infections. Vitamin A is vital for us to have a healthy immune system. As whee cannot produce these vitamins ourselves, whee must get them from the foods that whee can eat, like pumpkin.

– Whee should only eat pumpkin once or twice a week. It’s a treat that may not be to efurrypigs taste but provide good variation to our diet.

To keep things interesting you could skewer cubes of pumpkin on a willow twig or apple stick (both of which you can find in most good pet shops) and give it to us like that. Whee will have great fun throwing it around or playing tug of war with it!

Or if you are feeling creative you could make a pumpkin garland. Mummy is planning on making us one with cubes of pumpkin and apple alternately on a piece of string and tied across our cage. If you place it a little higher than normal this will cause us to climb or stretch a bit and work for our treats which makes them not quite so naughty!

Remember, even though whee can take part in the pumpkin eating and eating the “apple-bobbing” apples whee should NEVER be fed sweets or chocolate.

Happy Hallo-Wheek efurrybody!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Piggy-Sized Pigoween Pumpkins!

Hey, what has Mummy got over there?!

*Gasps* It’s some pumpkins!

But wait! Aren’t they rather small?! 

Or maybe I’m really big?! Have I had a growing potion this Pigoween?!

Oh, they are called ‘Munchkins’. Does that mean ‘mini-pumpkins’ or ‘monster-piggy-on-a-pumpkin’?!

Hope you are enjoying the days leading up to Pigoween efurryone. And don’t forget to get your hoomans to watch out for these Munchkins. They are piggy-sized and PAWesome! Whee are currently trying to decide how to decorate ours for Sammy’s Pumpkin Contest. (check that out if you haven’t already!) And whee are chosing our outfits for Misaki and Mollie’s Costume Contest. (check those post links out too!) Oooo the excitment is almost too much to bear!

How are you all preparing? Are you entering either contest?


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