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Somewhere To Be Sunday

Well it was nice while it lasted. The sunshine went away yesterday evening, making way for a horrible thunderstorm. Luckily whee spent some time out enjoying the garden while it was nice.

Mummy always thinks I look funny in the garden as I bustle around a lot, like I’ve got somewhere to be! What she doesn’t know is that I am like a guard. Just call me the Cavy Crusader! I am watching out for threats! Those mischievous magpies, sly sparrows, cunning cats (Sorry kitty furfriends but you have not seen the way next doors kitty Lucky McFluff looks at us! Whee are not lunch!) and don’t even bring up that troublesome toad. See, somefurry has to watch out and sound the alarm if danger approaches. I know Mummy sits out so she might see but two pairs of eyes are better than one.

I may have sounded the alarm prematurely sixteen a couple of times before by wheeking at the top of my lungs and sending efurryone dashing for cover when I saw shadows or something flew past but it’s better safe than sorry, right?!

I don’t usually stay still long enough for good pigtures outside but Mummy got caught me by surprise by hiding round the back of our tent as I made my perimeter checks. Of course this caused one of my false alarms and I don’t think anyfurry will believe me next time. It’s like that story of the boy who cried wolf cavy who squeaked cat.


Ah well, at least inside I have a better view of the entrances and exits. Nothing will get passed me in there!



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