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Guess What Whee Gots?!


Well today our fabulous furfriend Speedy’s gift/prize/pride restoring device arrived in the post.

See here for how whee won.

A set of five beautiful bunny notecards featuring none other than Speedy himself with a lovely note from him and his Mummy.

They had not realised whee were British piggies and they are also from the UK! How cool is that?!


Whee particularly love the Easter one which leads very neatly into a selection of Easter themed posts and competitions whee will be doing!

Keep your eyes peeled and paws at the ready!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

PS. apologies for missing a few days with our stupid internet. Darn those gremlins in the system.

PPS. Sunday 31st is our Mummy’s 19th birthday so whee may not post then but whee will see how whee go!

A Furry Good Prize!

So you will remember that whee won first prize in a competition run but Hamster Diaries. Well the prize arrived yesterday yesterday and here it is.

Hamster Diaries MERCHANDISE!

– A poster,
– A bag,
– Postcards,
– A keyring,
– Notepad,
– And a note from Dexter, Eve and Casper!

Whee particularly love Dexter because he was the one who helped us win by choosing us. So thank you hammy friends!

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Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

PS. Mummy likes your hooman’s handwriting. Very neat!

Bittersweet Boys

So after the tragic loss of one of our blogs greatest pigsonalities whee thought whee would write a happier post. But first whee would like to extend our deepest sympathies to ‘Beloved’ the hooman who belonged to our wonderful friend Zac the All Black. Zac also had to be helped across that Rainbow Bridge today and leaves behind ‘The Princess’ who probably feels the same sense of loss as whee do. Our hearts go out to you at this terrible time.

The one piece of brightness in a sad first day without our bootiful Bingo was the arrival of a parcel. Addressed to ‘Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy’ it was also a sad reminder of how sudden this loss was and how he would never get to enjoy the contents of the gift.

The parcel was from our doggy friend Miss Mollie , whose comPIGtition whee won a prize in for a pigture of Nutty in his jumper. (See this post for proof of our awesomeness !)

The parcel contained a selection of amazing things including some drool worthy alfafa treats! (How did you know, my lovely Miss Mollie, that whee adore alfafa treats!) There was also a pigture of Mollie looking lovely which has been stuck by our cages. Yes Mollie is a pin-up girl/dog!

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Thank you Miss Mollie for running such a great comPIGtition and giving us such a wonderful gift!

Nibbles, Nutty (the handsome winner and reason for this prize!) & Buddy

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