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Flowery Friday

Whee have all been talking about wanting Spring to hurry up and arrive and stay fur awhile now. Though the weather can still be a little cold whee are seeing the first signs of spring in tulips and other flowers in the garden. Whee were also thrilled to discover that our little curled parsley plant survived the winter! So whee got to enjoy some fresh parsley in during our garden time yesterday. Here are some pigtures

Have you noticed any new signs that Spring is on the way where you are?

Happy Flowery Friday efurryone!



Wordless Wednesday – Wakey Wakey

Mummy says not to let my little hooman nap . . . I can help with that!



Seriously Weird Searches Saturday . . .


What on Earth are there crazy hoomans saying this time?!

Well Mummy was having a little look at her stats to see what people are searching for that brings them here.

The great part is, the majority are searching the blog name and finding us. Other searches include “help, my guinea pig has heat stroke” “my guinea pig is sick, what should i do” “guinea pig first aid kit” “homemade guinea pig toys” “what to give bored guinea pigs” and “try to stay mad at these adorable faces”

All very cute and normal, but then there are some strange one’s that made Mummy pull faces and wonder how on Earth they ended up here!

A few of our favourites include:

if men had tails like dogs do name something that would cause them to wag  –  But hoomans don’t has tails . . . I suppose they would wag if they saw a cute piggy though.

i just smile becuase [sic] i have no idea what you are saying pics  –  Often whee don’t know what the hoomans are on about. They say you should humor the insane though!

mummy pumpkins – Daddy pumpkins, Auntie pumpkins, Uncle pumpkins and baby pumpkins?

i like pig butts and i can not lie  – Those skinny piggies can’t deny!

how to prevent a deck from being slick when wet – What . . . ? Just what?! Put some hay on it whee guess.

disney crows shoe fly – Erm. Well whee like the Disney bit but you lost us after that!

why piggy not happy – Because hooman no make good grammar right.

guenea[sic] pig addiction to basil  – That’s easy to understand, I’m addicted to me too ~Basil

please may i  – May you what? Dance a jig for our entertainment? Certainly.

little rodent like creature with face like pig  – Nope, whee got no idea what that could be . . .

doing nothing mission accomplished  – *cough* Our every day plan *cough*

look into my eyes you will see tumblr  – *squints* Nope, whee just see eyes. No Tumblr in there

whoever says they slept lik [sic] a baby obvioysly[sic] dlesnt[sic] have one  – Well that’s not at all bitter! Lack of sleep impairs one’s ability to type (Mummy feels for you!)

babes bauddy[sic]  – Can’t decide if they are searching for Buddy’s Babes or something else entirely and really can’t spell!

amazing feet awards  – Whee do have nice feet! What do whee win?!

how to huch[sic] a teddy real good  – Is it just our immature Mummy sniggering or does this sound really wrong?!! ^_^

poop through feathers  – Whee don’t have feathers . . . let alone any poop through them!

more+rounded”.+skinny+girls+are+good+as+ramp+models+but  – You really didn’t plan to end up on a guinea pig blog did you my friend?!

why is it i have no idea on what’s going on around  – Whee ask ourselves the very same thing. One of life’s mysteries whee suppose!

a song that says it’s like bing bing bing bing it’s like woo woo woo woo  – Whee don’t know it but it makes us wanna dance!

“santa tells me if i’m nutty or nice  – I’m Nutty and nice . . . s’all good! ~Nutty

as charming as you are, you are unlikely ever to receive a better valentine  – Wow, harsh. How did that get you to us? Should whee be insulted?!


So there you go. A selection of crazy from the very weird searches that led hoomans here! Why not check your stats and let us know the weirdest searches that brought hoomans to your blog?! Give us a good giggle!

Smile this Saturday

Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil


Sleep It Off Saturday! A Hoomans Revenge!

After a long night pawtying, and keeping the hoomans up by knocking the water bottle off his cage and throwing things around multiple times (being surprisingly noisy!), one little piggy didn’t really enjoy the early morning run in the sunshine . . .


Our hoomans revenge! Can you guess which piggy it is!

Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil


Flashback Friday – History Repeating Itself

All of a sudden I understand exactly what Buddy meant . . . Baby piggies are exhausting! Sometimes you just need space! This old pigture of Buddy and Basil looks suspiciously familiar to a certain scene the hooman saw today!


Buddy & Basil


Me (Nutty) & Nacho

Ranger’s flashback Friday – Click the pic to go to his blog and see all the others blogs connected to this!


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