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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday – Twas The Night Before Pigmas

And all through the house. Not a creature was stiring . . .


Only one more sleep!

Merry Pigmas efurryone!


It Feels Like The FIRst Time!

This is not my first Pigmas, it’s actually my second and Buddy’s third and whee were wheeking today over how funny it is that Nacho and Noah are so excited. I said that it still feels like my first Pigmas. I’m still furry squeaky and interested in efurrything. From the tree (which I have learnt to live with), to the lights, the tinsel and the suicidal angel on the top of our tree (she has a habit of throwing herself off the top of the tree when hoomans walk passed. Mummy says she must have been at the sherry.)

I get so excited about all the things I see. Last night Mummy crept passed with a bag and winked telling ┬áme to not squeak a word about it to anyfurry else. But you guys aren’t just anyfurry right?!

Buddy says they might have contained our Pigmas presents. I really hope they did, they smelled really tasty. Like herbs and vegetables!

What are you hoping to get for Pigmas? It’s nearly here!



Stocking Up – A Pigmas Vlog

Well Friday has finally arrived and whee are ready for the wheekend! Late today the hoomans Auntie arrives on a scare-o-plane (Mummy told us it’s an areoplane but those live in the sky so whee have decided this one is scary!) all the way from the hot land with kangaroos and koalas. Whee saw pigtures of them in a book Mummy looked at last night!

Anyway, whee going off point now! With things here going to be busy, whee wanted to show you some of the other things whee have been up to in the lead up to Pigmas . . . Enjoy!

Merry Pigmas efurryone and have a fab Friday!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

Oh Christmas Tree


Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree, you’re in my spot in the living room!

Yes introducing the invading and might I add FAKE fir which has taken the spot where our cage is supposed to be. Just because it’s sparkly and lights up and creates a nice atmosphere . . .

Whee don’t like our Christmas tree. It’s just the one for now but give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. Whee are pretty sure it’s called for reinforcements!

So watch out if your hoomans have brought one home! They are taking over efurry home!

Happy Tuesday!

Buddy & Basil

Dear Santa Paws

Dear Santa Paws,

I know I haven’t been the best behaved little pig this year but I have tried to be good for the past hour at least.

So I have been thinking about what I would like for Pigmas. I did want the cardboard castle from Pets at Home but them Mummy told me a story and I changed my mind.

Once upon a time, not very far away from us some piggies were abandoned in a box. They were all sick and pregnant and soon after babies were born. And those piggies, Mumma’s and Bubba’s are safe and warm and cared for in a rescue but they don’t have the one thing efurrypig deserves; A loving furever castle for Pigmas.

So Santa, if you can forgive my diva days and naughtiness, please can you give a home to all the animals in rescues?

Whee are taking part in a special Secret Santa this year, sending gifts to piggies who will be in a rescue over the festive period. Maybe you can ask the reindeers and elves if they wouldn’t mind sending a secret something to their local shelter or rescue?

Hoping you and Mrs Paws are well

Lots of love
1st cage on the right, England

It’s Begining To Look A Lot Like Pigmas

Well it feels it at least! Brrrr.

Whee are just glad that whee are nice and warm in the house. Though the grass Mummy brings in for us could do with warming up a little! But that’s beside the point. Pigmas is coming fast. Whee need to wrap the prezzies and deck the halls this wheekend so it’s all systems go.


With being so busy and so many things happening whee were surprised when Mummy stopped and told us about things outdoors which remind her it’s nearly Pigmas. The frost on the roof and spiderwebs, breath misting as you speak. All simple things but magical too.

Whee know it’s nearly Pigmas when Mummy says it’s too cold to run outside.

What reminds you it’s nearly Pigmas?

Have a fab Friday!


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