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Funny Feline Friday

Ok, so today whee thought whee would tell you about a kitty who has decided that he owns most of the street! Mummy called him Kit.

He is very confident and friendly and likes to visit our garden and spend time with our hoomans when they are out there. He sometimes even walks part of the way to work and home from work with Mummy. But recently he’s a puss that’s getting to big for his boots!

He has decided that, even when the door is only slightly open, he wants to try to get into our hutch. As you can see from the pigture below, he’s quite determined.


Whee don’t mind the hoomans making other furry friends but when those furfriends try to get into our hutch whee have to really put our paws down. None of us have even met this “Kit”! Are whee right to feel be unimpressed by this moggy’s manners?

Have you ever had any unwelcome visitors or wildlife trying to let themselves into your Hutch/House?

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Thirsty Pig Thursday

With the weather slowly starting to warm up whee want to remind hoomans about  something furry impawtent. Water and the impawtence of checking your pets water bottles or access to water. This is why whee came up with FULL – Fill, Upend, Leak, Look


Fill – Is it full to the maximum line allowed for the bottle? Some have limits. Making sure you provide them with the most water you can is extremely important, especially when it is hotter and they are drinking more.

Upend – Tipping the bottle up as it would hang on the cage will allow you to check it is working properly.

Leaks – Is the bottle leaking from anywhere?

Look – Is there any discolouration to the water or any green algae type build up. If there is you need to clean it.

Please remember to check your pet’s water bottle regularly. If they break it can easily become quite serious in hot weather with dehydration and heatstroke very real dangers. For more information please check out our guide to Heat Stroke.

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday



Wordless Wednesday – Sniffing Out Spring


So whee have seen signs of Spring but obviously I need to sniff out where it is hiding in between the bursts of sunshine!

Happy Wordless Wednesday



Wags and Waves for Forrest Day

As some of you may or may not know the blogosphere lost a a wonderful pigsonality recently. Forrest the dog from passed away, leaving his FURmily heartbroken. Now he’s running over the Rainbow Bridge but two of his friends have decided to put together an amazing tribute. May 10th has been dubbed Wags and Waves for Forrest Day. Here is the poster they made for the day:

Pam and Sammy's Forrest badge.

You can find out more about the day from the original post here.

So as whee don’t have tails to wag, here are some pigtures of Buddy waving to Forrest over than Rainbow Bridge.

Whee hope you will all join us in remembering Forrest today and pop over to leave a comment of support for his family on his blog.

Whee would also like to ask you to visit our dear friend Bacon who sadly lost his sisfur Mouse Girl yesterday. Whee would really appreciate if you could take the time to go and let Bacon and his family know you’re thinking of them too.

The Rainbow Bridge is stealing away far too many of our furfriends recently and all we can do is remember the happy times we shared and send all our love to their families.

All our love and whiffles

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


A Guinea Pig Pride & Prejudice – Our Review

Now as you know, whee don’t normally review books. Much like the newspapers whee poop all over they are extremely munchable and usually they are a little too long to keep our attention!

But thanks to this book the little hoomans got Mummy for Pigmas whee have been converted and discovered a literary interest (not just because it’s full of pigtures of cute ladypigs but that may be part of it!)

So here is our review of A Guinea Pig Pride & Prejudice.

Plot: Based on the novel by Jane Austen (which Mummy is apparently a fan of) this tale follows the story of Elizabeth Bennett as she navigates the apparently complicated world of the British Regency. Only this time she’s a rather cute cavy so suddenly a hundred times more interesting in our opinion. If the story is not your cup of tea the guinea pigs in costumes just might be! Whee have to say that whee are rather jealous of a certain “proudest, most disagreeable man in the world“. That Elizabeth Bennet is one of the prettiest piggies whee have seen!

Price: It varies but it the RRP is £7.99

Paws Rating: Whee give this solid 9 paws out of 10!

Do you have a favourite book? Also who do you think wore it better:


Whee are definitely going for the beautiful Molly the guinea pig!

Hope you’re having a great day efurryone. Squeak soon

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Skinny Star Sunday

So whee have decided that this Sunday whee would like to share with you one of our favourite Instagram stars. A skinny sensation that is posing and showing a piggy pout to put A-listers to shame.
Introducing Ludwik:

“The only reason I’m fat is because a tiny body culdn’t store all this personality”😄 #guineapig #hairlessguineapig #hairless #cavy #cute #pig #littleanimals #guineapigs #skinnyguineapig #guineapigsofinstagram #skinnypig #skinnypigobsessed #cuteanimals #instacute #morce #marsvin #cobaye #cavia #tengerimalac #myanimal #funnyanimals #food #sweet #funny #love #świnkamorska #ludwik #ludwig #meerschweinchen
A photo posted by @ludwik_guinea_pig on Apr 26, 2016 at 4:13am PDT


This piggy poser is putting our hairless cousins on the map! Flying the flag for embracing your individuality and with an incredible 55,000 followers on Instagram, he has a fanbase to rival some celebrities.


So what is a skinny pig?
A skinny pig is a type of guinea pig cross breed. It is a cross between a strain of hairless guinea pigs made in a lab (reported to be from a genetic mutation indentified in 1978) and your average furry guinea pig. The have a little fuzzy fur on their faces/noses and legs but other than that they are hairless as can be!
Whee love checking out his latest pigtures and poses. Whee might be tempted to recreate them ourselves!
Do you have a favourite animal celebrity?

Hope you’re having a great Sunday

Nacho, Noah, Buddy and Basil


Wonderful Wildlife!

Whee are quite lucky where whee are there is so much wildlife around. Mummy loves taking pigtures of the wildlife (when she’s not taking pigtures of us of course!). Our most recent garden friends are the three fledgling robins who have left the nest in the tree in our garden. It is so funny to watch them grow and learn from each other. Quite like whee learn tricks, both good and naughty from each other!

Do you have much wildlife from you? Are you enjoying seeing the joys of Spring and all the baby animals learning from their pawrents?

Hope you’re having a great wheekend!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy and Basil


Funny Face Friday!

Now I am quite an adventure-loving guinea piggy as you may well know, however, sometimes my adventures don’t quite go as planned.

When I go on a bit of a food based adventure and try new things I sometimes end up pulling a funny face I like to call “new-food-face”. Example below:


I like trying new things but it’s not always what you expect! Do you like trying new foods?

Hope you’re having a great Friday!



Throwback Thursday -A Little Handful!


So I have always had quite a pigsonality as this pigture of me as a baby demonstrates! Here I am a literal handful and this week, two years on I have been accused of being  a metaphorical handful!

From the great t-shirt tearing trouble (you don’t want to know) to the hair-cutting-commotion of yesterday, it’s been a adventure and a half in the hutch household.

Let me tell you about the hair incident. Well to my surprise the hooman was quite unimpressed by my hair dressing skills, and I’m wondering if I should be offended.

It all started when I noticed her hair was getting a bit long and decided I should take matters into my own paws, or should I say mouth! I cuddled up to her face and neck to put her at ease, even kissing her ear, before settling down.

Then I got to work. After a couple of minutes she half turned suspiciously and said, “You’re too quiet, what are you up to?”

Then she picked me up, off her shoulder and held me in front of her. I smiled my most innocent toothy grin as a large hunk of hair fell from my mouth. Her mouth fell open and I smiled more thinking she was shocked at my amazing handiwork. “Naughty Noah.” she gasped, placing me on her lap and pulling  the remainder of a good couple of inches of her hair from my mouth.

“Naughty?” I squeaked back, outraged that she wasn’t recognising my obvious creative genius.

“Naughty!” she repeated, as she carried me back to my cage.

I watched as she held the wad of hair in her hand, “It’s so wonky…and…uneven. At least it was only a small section I suppose.” she muttered, still apparently in shock as she wandered out of the room.

I huffed. Well there’s no pleasing some people!

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?

Hope you’re having a great day, and remember to keep me in mind if you’re ever looking to update your fur-style.

From Your Fashion Forward Fashionista Friend Noah


Wordless Wednesday – Can I Help You?

I’m always happy to help

Happy Wednesday efurryone, what are you doing with your day?



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