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A Busy Buddy!

So whee have had a few requests now for updates on what whee have all been up to. As the oldest I thought it was best that I tell you!

I’ve been very well. Doing my typical kicking up a diva-like fuss at every opportunity and throwing my food bowl around in protest of my diet, which has been very successful (more on that in another post!)image

Basil has been his usual cheeky self, causing trouble and then kissing (licking!) the hoomans to beg for forgiveness. His most recent adventure involved a rocking chair, a box of  newspapers and an apple. Trust me, some things just cannot be explained without hand gestures and demonstrations!

Nacho is still pretty nervous but he has been improving. He now squeaks a bit when he’s being cuddled and is less frightened of strangers. He now seemed to have almost stopped growing and is destined to stay a “little-pig” forever!

Noah, well he almost needs a whole post to himself for every day of things he gets up to! From breaking water bottles to escaping up the hallway when Mummy’s back is turned. Not to mention the grumpy teeth chattering at people he decides he doesn’t like! It’s non-stop naughtiness!

Mummy is actually doing very well herself. She has met a big hooman she calls the “boy-furfriend” who distracted her from posting for a little while. Whee haven’t met him yet but whee are pretty sure he’s nice!

So that’s us. Whee have been busy bees!┬áWhat have you all been up to?

Have a furry good day


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