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Saturday Snuggles

Whee may have our disagreements but whee do love each other really as this snuggling pigture proves. Whee love snuggling with the hoomans in front of the TV in the evenings!


How are you spending your Saturday?

Nacho & Noah


Wordless Wednesday – Can I Help You?

I’m always happy to help

Happy Wednesday efurryone, what are you doing with your day?



So it’s been 4 years…

Not four years since you last heard from us of course, but 4 years since we started our blog. WordPress emailed the hooman to remind us today and it inspired us to come back…again!

This has to be the third or fourth attempt at a comeback that whee have made but whee are giving it another go. (Bear with us, the hooman is not good at this malarky!)

Not much new has happened since our last blog. Noah is fully healed up and the naughtiest little piggy you’ve ever met, but more on that later. Nacho has discovered a fondness for apples which means his squeaks like crazy when someone is eating one. Buddy is on another diet and exercise plan after stealing Basil’s food portions on the sly and putting on a bit of  weight! Basil is being extra sweet, having even tried to make friends with a cat who visits our garden through the back door.

But anyway, back to our four year “blogoversary”. Here are some of our favourite photos from these rollercoaster years of happy, sad and funny times.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Whee hope you have all been well and aim to catch up with everyone over the next few days

Squeak soon

Nacho, Noah, Buddy, Basil and Hooman


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