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Gold, Frankincense and Fur!


Well as you may be doing, whee are getting ready for Santa Paws to arrive. Whee have laid out our stockings with care. Whee have bribed offered a carrot and glass of probiotic water to help him on his journey around the world. He may have already visited some of you, but for us, the magic is only just begining.

Whee were just discussing what whee want Santa to bring. Whee all need new water bottles, and anything edible will go down a treat – ‘treat’ get it?! Other than that whee aren’t too fussy.

Though whee are currently debating the uses of gold and frankincense. You hoomans place an awful lot of value of shiney metals and smelly perfumes. Not for us. Whee would prefer nine carrots rather than nine carrot gold! And as for the smelly stuff, whee smell plenty boarly enough for now!

Anyway whee will post tomorrow what presents whee get because Mummy said whee are all getting coal if whee don’t go to bed soon!

Merry Pigmass efurryone. May you get everything you want and have a peaceful day.



ps. Whee are sorry for not commenting on your blogs. WordPress won’t let us and keeps kicking us off when whee try to. The little hoomans hope to fix this for us tomorrow!

Good Piggies Are Just Bad Piggies That Don’t Get Caught!

It’s true! As you know, Mummy loves taking our pigtures but somefurry was extremely naughty during his shoot and Mummy only managed to get one nice photo of him. She hoped that having me there would calm him . . . .

Basil and Me!

No such luck as he soon behaved shockingly, stealing my Santa Paws hat! The thing is Mummy was snapping away and caught it! Better get begging for forgiveness Baz. Santa will not be happy to see this so close to Pigmass!

Try to caption this pigture of naughtiness when he was silly enough to get caught!



PS. This might give some of you a giggle. It is to one of Mummy’s favourite pieces of music in her favourite ballet!

Hutch A Good Pet Pigture Pigmass Contest!

Well whee promised to announce our pigture contest and here goes!

Hutch A Good Pet Pigture Pigmass Contest!

There are a few catergories for you to enter a pet pigture in:

Tinsel Terrors and Troubles – You getting into mischief or posing in a load on tinsel!


Noel Naughtiness – You being naughty!

Basil steals Buddy’s hat! It doesn’t get naughtier!

Present Posers – You posing with some presents! (Whee haven’t got any yet to pose with – *glares at Mummy*)

Christmas Angel – For boys and girls who are top of the good list this year! Who will be the angel at the top of our tree?

Nutty Angel?!

Merry Mischief Maker – Whee will hold a vote for this one. Merry Mischief Maker of 2012!

You can enter a normal photo or an photoshopped photo. It is up to you!

Just email them to us at and attach the pigture as a jpeg. Use the subject Pigmass Pigture Contest and tell us in the body of the email the name of your pet and which catergory they want to be entered in. Please mention if you have a blog too!

The Winner of each catergory will get a secret special prize (it is so secret whee haven’t even been told about it!)

Entries close Sunday 16th December with winner and polls being announced the following day.

Remember any animal can enter. Whee cannot wait to feel the Pigmass cheer.

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Guess Who/What/Where?

Well here is a pigture of me, and as you can see I am clearly fascinated by something. Something beyond my cage bars. What do you think it is? What has caught my attention? If you guess right you will get yourself a very special coverted prize whee like to call ‘The Winner Whiffle!’


Sorry for the short post. It has been a busy day and Nibbles actually has some news to share tomorrow – not worrying news but Mummy is doing her research so she can help him explain it without panicking you all!

I’ll leave you all with what is frankly THE BEST animal video on youtube! It has all the animals you can think of in it!


Naughty and Nice!

Omigosh! Whee got a reply from Santa Paws! Thank you Santa! Here it is:

Dear Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil,

Thank you so much for your letter. Your compliments were very welcome and had me and the elves ho ho ho-ing with laughter. Now let me just check if you are on my list . . .

Naughty or Nice!

Ah yes. There you are. I’m still working on my list so there are some who haven’t done anything good or bad enough to be placed on the list yet. May I take this time to tell efurryone to remember to be good!

Now onto what you want. I can defintely do some treats but as you said the homeless animals are a little more difficult. Maybe now would be a good time to ask people to post this message on their social networks:

If you want a pet this Christmas,

And you will open up your heart and home,

Then there are many animals in rescues,

Who don’t deserve to be there alone.

So before you go into that pet shop,

Or call up that recommended breeder,

I can guarantee there’s an animal,

Who is far more ‘in-need-er’!

It may not be the ‘latest thing’,

Or like what the celebrities own,

But I can assure you it’s more rewarding,

To offer a second hand pet a home.

Me and the elves will be busy preparing for the 25th so you will understand why this isn’t longer. Remember to keep being good and I have your presents ready for delivery.

Santa Paws


It’s Time To Meet The Stars Of Our Show . . . !

Well the day has arrived! The day you find out who will star in our panto drama! After our first attempt at this post has left the family compawter on life support whee are now on Mummy’s laptop and a little more cautious. Whee said whee would need your help and . . . well . . . whee do.

Whee managed (with the help of our little hoomans) to choose our winning dwarves. It was super hard to chose but wordpress really won’t let us have too many polls and there were a lot of entries. Whee will reveal the winner in the next post while you continue to vote.

Surprisingly whee only had one entrant for the role of Butler Bumble-A-Bout but you only need the right one and he certainly is. Whee will also reveal him in our next post.

In this post whee are focusing on our roles whee need help deciding on. Please vote for your favourites and tell us in the comments what you think of our prospective cast!

Please share this everywhere you can to gather votes and support for yourself or your favourites!

It’s Panto Time!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Snow White


Prince Rupert


The Magic Mirror


Wicked Queen



Efurryone shouts together: Happy Birthday Buddy!

Buddy: Aww thanks efurryone.

Efurryone: Whee have a surprise cake contest for you to judge! Our fab furfriends have made you birthday cakes!

Buddy: Woweee. There are so many to choose from! Thanks efurryone. Hmmmmm. If I really had to chose there is one that stands out . . .

Thank you Easy Rider!

It has my name on it and everything! Now I’m sure you all want to see the cake I actually got to eat! My Mummy made it!

The Cake

           Me eating my nommy cake!

Basil seems to think I need some help . . . Oh well I suppose it is my birthday.

That’s the last time I let Basil try anything! He trampled through it in his excitment and squished most of it!

Being the ever so nice piggy I am I let Nibbles have a slice!

Even Nutty gets to chow down on the action!

Thanks efurryone for making this such a great day. I can’t believe I am already one year old. But does Mummy not realise what’s coming next?! That’s right! The terrible TWO’S! Eeek!

Piggy kisses efurryone



Cavy Crypt Creepy Champions!

Well the results are in. The votes on both here and the piggy forum whee go on have been registered . . . Now in a very particular order whee have your winners and their special prizes. Hand drawn portraits by the little hoomans! First you will see the drawing of them and then the pigture they won with!

King of the Dead – Easy Rider!

Queen of the Damned – Misaki

Knight of the Night – Sammy

Most Mishievous Ghoul Award – Duke

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Congratulations to all the winners and runners up. If any of the winners would like their pigture emailed to them please email us at and whee can send it to you. Don’t forget to follow the blog so you never miss another comPIGtition!

In our next post you will get to join Nibbles in a yoga class. Bring your mat and water bottles and prepare to stretch!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil



ps. Mummy is particually proud of Sammy’s drawing because she did that one!

Super Spooky Shortlist!

Ok, so whee aren’t chickening out of making the final decision . . . well maybe whee are a little but that is beside the point! With our amazing Cavy Crypt Pet Photo contest whee never realised how many entries whee would get. And trust me, almost every single one has sent a chill down our spines. Overall there were forty eight amazing entrants but, as the saying goes there can only be one  winner.

If whee were proper, good judges whee might have already made that decision and the next line would tell you the winner. But whee aren’t very good judges, whee are indecisive, whee squabble and whee need naps between arguments. So whee are going to cop out enlist your help.

Call it audiance participation if you will! Of all the entries whee have spent the day agonising and whittled it down to a short list of ten. Whee want you all to know how hard that was and if whee didn’t think whee might make wordpress cry then whee would show you all on here.

Now whee think efurryone deserves a title and award but that would be a little silly. Luckily whee are pretty silly so any who don’t get one of the below titles (whether they were shortlisted or not) will be awarded the names Lord’s and Ladies of the Crypt so efurryone is a winner!

Here are the titles you are voting for:

‘Queen of the Damned’ – There are only two female entries that made it far enough to be in with a chance of this title. (Misaki & Gucci) Who do you think deserves to be Queen? Whee suspect it will be handbags at dawn with these two!

‘King of the Dead’ – Who should rule over all the dead who are living (or rather existing because the dead can’t be living!) in the Cavy Crypt?!

‘Knight of the Night’ – Which scary contender should be Knight of the Night time? (Warning, Lord of the Night must be able to give a sinister chuckle and stand on top of tall buildings while only appearing in silhoette!)

‘Most Mischevious Ghoul Award’ – Who looks like they could be the most fun and (forgive the pun!) the life and soul of a pawty?

To vote please comment below with the name of the furry you think should win and which title they deserve. (Whee would do a proper voting machine but Mummy isn’t too good with that!) The only rule is you can only vote once per title. Without further ado, the top ten scary pets!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Whee are so glad whee aren’t the one’s deciding! Voting will close midday Monday (UK time) so that is plenty of time for you to think it over and whee will announce the winners later that day.

If you want to get more voters then put the word out via your blogs, or facebook or twitter. Get your friend’s, your Aunts and Uncles, even your Nan ex-best friends cat! The winners will get special customised awards and a spectacular surprise whee have not yet revealed. (But trust us, you are going to love it!)

Good luck efurryone!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


The Winning One Liner & The Fabulous Designer!

As you know whee mentioned our caption competition yesterday. The second section of Spook-tober. Do you want to know who won?! Of course you do. Here is the winning caption for the pigture whee gave you (pigture on left!):

Buddy: Hope this box is sturdy enough to hold me….if not, I’ll have made the world’s first BASIL PANCAKE!

Does that sound FURmiliar to anyfurry. Well if you are our dear friend Sammy, from One Spoiled Cat it should! ConCATulations! Please take the award from the previous post and do whatever you would like with it!

Moving on from Spooky to Spectacular you may have heard Lovely Lady Litchi is throwing a PAWty! Shockingly whee read that she had nothing to wear. (Well she is an Empress now so she is very busy!) Fortunately for her whee are fashion designers!

Dolce and Banana (you may of heard of our less famous hooman counterparts!)

Whee have designed and emailed her hooman a few designs so she will be looking fabulous and undoubtably be the toast of the ball!

Have you realised you have got nothing to wear? If you have then never fear. Whee are offering a one-off, chance of a lifetime, for you to be decked out in our Dolce and Banana finest!

If you would like to be made over, simply email us and attach a jpeg pigture of yourself for us to work from.

Whee look forward to seeing you at the PAWty efurryone!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

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