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It’s A Love Story!

Today whee cannot be spooky because something wonderful arrived in the post! A little while ago Nibbles entered a story with Our Furever Family  in their Love Story competition. Essentially you had to write how you and your hooman, or you and you pet found one another. Nibbles’s story was published on their blog and you can read it here. It is all about his Memories and how he came to live with Mummy, six whole years ago.

Well, ever since whee have been excitedly stalking watching the postman while whee wait for our prize. And today it arrived! Here I am posing with it (mainly because I was the only one who wouldn’t try to eat it!)

Mummy has already had a cup of tea in it (though I was led to believe it was our prize . . . *ahem* Mummy! Fill it with veggies and give it back immediately . . . No! Not with the tea still in there! Ewww. *sighs* Hoomans eh? Can’t be trusted to do anything right!)

If you aren’t already following their blog then what are you waiting for?! Our Furever Family are wonderful!

Whee promise to get spooky again tomorrow but how can something like this be spooky?! It can’t!

Piggy Kisses



Look Through My Eyes . . . Little Basil Is Changing!

I cannot believe Basil has been with us practically a wheek already! I’m so protective of him. Teaching him how to beg for noms and flick hay everywhere and popcorn like a lunatic round the cage. Mummy says it is obvious to anyone with eyes how much me and Basil love being together. (Alright so the nights are hard but as whee say “Sleep all day . . . Party all night!” Actually I think that’s from a song. Never mind.)

He is growing so fast he is practically filling Mummy’s hand instead of being palm sized, and learning so fast I am running out of wisdom to impart! Do you have any wise words or facts I can share with him?

Sorry for the short post but I will leave you with a song dedicated to Basil from me.


Piggy Parenthood. Not A Job . . . An Adventure!

Our new addition, Baby Basil, has surprised me. As with when Nutty arrived to be my new companion, I find myself bouncing around the cage more. Squeaking a little louder. Being more friendly. (Not like Buddy who is struggling to get more than a few minutes sleep at once and is too exhausted to play all the time. Though he did some very impressive zoomies today!)

It is as though he has rubbed off on me! I am quite an elderly gentlepig now so to behave this way is quite peculiar. I haven’t even really met him. Whee just squeak at each other across the garden or the living room.

Nutty appears quite jealous really! Mummy always used to call him Baby Nut but now his middle is no longer ‘widdle’ he cannot really be consider a baby. He is far more like a stroppy teenager, rumbling around the cage and complaining loudly should someone ignore him for longer than three seconds.

Mummy is careful to give us equal attention (well I would expect no less!) but this isn’t enough for Nutty. I am seriously considering the advice giving to Buddy on handling Basil and sitting on Nutty until he calms down and listens.

I may not be a spring chicken but with my newfound bouncy-popcorning, there is life in this old piggy yet!


Anyone Who Says They Sleep Like A Baby Obviously Doesn’t Have One!

So sweet and innocent looking!

He is keeping me awake at all hours. So innocent looking, yet so noisy! He has kept me awake every night since he arrived.

Jumping on the pigloo or the shoebox and bouncing around at all hours. Leaping off of things loudly. Tugging on and attacking the water bottle . . . You guessed it.


Despite being completely exhausted I am still getting on with my normal daily activities.

Tearing newspaper, chewing things I shouldn’t and eating loads of veggies!

I need parents to give me tips on handling and settling down naughty Basil. Oh yes, Basil is Behaving Badly! I cannot give him time out. He just follows me everywhere!

If I chatter my teeth, he just looks in my mouth and tries to see if I’m eating something!

He is driving me crazy!

Please help me! How do I get a him to sleep at normal times? How do I tell him off and get him to understand?!


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