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Sweet Surprise On A Shaky Sunday

Well as you know, yesterday whee had to get a parcel for me, from the post office. For some silly reason they wanted my id! Nutty wasn’t very well in the morning and had to go to the vets so Mummy said I could come along to keep him company. (I’ll explain more about the vets later.)

On the way home whee stopped early and I knew whee weren’t home yet. Then our carrier was lifted and whee were carried somewhere. I could hear the whir of something, like the printer box with the compawter. There was a soft murmur of voices but nothing I could fully make out until a loud, bored sounding voice said “Next.”

I jumped as the carrier rocked and whee moved forwards. “Card.” said the same bored sounding hooman as before. There was a long pause broken only by shuffling noises and the occasional hooman cough. “ID.” demanded the voice. Mummy’s voice followed, so soft I couldn’t make out what she said. Apparently the hooman couldn’t either, “What?” snapped the hooman rudely. “I don’t have ID for the person the parcel is addressed to, it’s my guinea pig.” Mummy finally said loudly. After a second of absolute silence the hooman laughed. And a few other hoomans laughed. My carrier rocked again and then the roof opened slightly. I looked suspiciously out at the strange hoomans. There was more laughter and other hoomans waiting asked why I didn’t have a drivers license or something like that. This whole time the postie-man just laughed. Mummy proved who she was and they handed over the parcel, saying they hoped whee enjoyed it and had a great day. One even said they hoped Nutty was better soon.

When whee got home Mummy let me open my parcel. She was going to try to get pigtures of me opening it, but I was too excited and bouncy and she didn’t trust me not to escape while she took pigtures! So here is what was in my parcel prize from my furfriend Sammy the cat!

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Those apple sticks look deeeeee-licious.

Unfortunately whee are going to have to end this post on a sad note. Nutty was taken to the vets yesterday due to a recurring respiratory problem which has been coming and going for months. He became significantly worse yesterday morning and whee rushed to the vets. During the course of yesterday his health declined rapidly and the hoomans were very worried. Whee are pleased to report he made it through last night, though he is struggling to breathe properly right now and cannot eat or drink for himself. Though he did eat a small piece or parsley and chewed on one of Sammy’s apple sticks so he is trying. With a great team of vets, furfriends and clever cavy savvy people advising us and all our hoomans there is still some hope but the signs are not good right now.


Please send my Daddy Nut, all your healing love and support.

Whee will update you as soon as whee can.



Bittersweet Boys

So after the tragic loss of one of our blogs greatest pigsonalities whee thought whee would write a happier post. But first whee would like to extend our deepest sympathies to ‘Beloved’ the hooman who belonged to our wonderful friend Zac the All Black. Zac also had to be helped across that Rainbow Bridge today and leaves behind ‘The Princess’ who probably feels the same sense of loss as whee do. Our hearts go out to you at this terrible time.

The one piece of brightness in a sad first day without our bootiful Bingo was the arrival of a parcel. Addressed to ‘Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy’ it was also a sad reminder of how sudden this loss was and how he would never get to enjoy the contents of the gift.

The parcel was from our doggy friend Miss Mollie , whose comPIGtition whee won a prize in for a pigture of Nutty in his jumper. (See this post for proof of our awesomeness !)

The parcel contained a selection of amazing things including some drool worthy alfafa treats! (How did you know, my lovely Miss Mollie, that whee adore alfafa treats!) There was also a pigture of Mollie looking lovely which has been stuck by our cages. Yes Mollie is a pin-up girl/dog!

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Thank you Miss Mollie for running such a great comPIGtition and giving us such a wonderful gift!

Nibbles, Nutty (the handsome winner and reason for this prize!) & Buddy

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