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Our Olym-Pig AFURlete Winners!

So this is the moment some of you may have been waiting for…

The moment whee have been leading up to. Yes whee are announcing the winners to our Olym-Pigs Sporty Pet Pigture competition. It was really hard, whee had over thirty entries! Mummy had to enlist some hooman helpers for the decision but whee finally have the results.

In a very particular order:

With a Gold from us Amber the dog, attempting Furdles

ConCATulations to Silver award winner Sam the Cat, couch surfing:

Winning the Bronze medal is Hamlet the hamster, showing off his Pignastics:

But with so many fab entries whee cannot resist including a few that made the short list:

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AwardIf you made the short list and have a blog or facebook or twitter or any other social media thingy please post this as your proof of amazingness.

If you were a medal winner then please use this but say you were a medal winner and refer people here as proof. Whee are sorry whee didn’t make anything else but Mummy forgot till the last minute. Hoomans eh?!

Well this was a great competition, whee should do it again sometime!

Piggy kisses and congrats to everyone.

Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy


I Smile Because I Have No Idea What’s Going On!

Today I wasn’t feeling too great. Mummy says I may need to meet my good friend the vet again! But it didn’t really bother me. Being ill that is. I just popcorned around cheerily.

Then there was a huge flash of light and the little hoomans screamed. The scream went very deep and rumbled for ages. It also seemed to be coming fron outside.

I tell you; my little hooman has a future as a ventrilloquist! Anyway, I squeaked at Buddy that they had switched the light on and off for some reason. He said they were hoomans and whee shouldn”t try to understand their strange ways.

Mummy came on her knees by the cage. “Shush shush babies don’t be scared.” she cooed. I smiled up at her, “Lady, I have no idea what you are on about.” I drawled copying the voice of one of the hoomans from the dramas she likes to watch. She fussed me more. For some reason she was surprised when I went to get a drink, and was unconcerned that someone was playing with the lights and rumbling louder than me and Buddy manage. I don’t really know why it came as a shock or why they shut the blinds after awhile. I was upset that it was raining and I couldn’t play on the grass and eat the fabulous green spaghetti too but they seemed to be over reacting.

I’ll never understand hoomans. Anyway just a reminder that tomorrow is your last day to enter our OlymPIGS Sporty Pet photo competition. Check back the past two posts to see how to enter if you missed it.


Pawgress Report On Future OlymPIGGYians!

Well whee have had an amazing response to the compigtion so far! Lots of great entries that have had us glued to our screens for most of the day! No seriously. I couldn’t tear myself away!

Tehehehe What Fab Furdles!

Please keep sending your entries. Whee are loving them and creating the awards as whee squeak! Mummy wanted to get a pigture of me smiling to encourage you but I had a diva style tantrum and curled up so she couldn’t get a nice photo. Mummy hopes that other pets and OlymPIGGYians are being more cooperative for their hoomans!

Keep sending your entries to in jpeg format.

For all the rules please check the previous post.

Buddy (Diva Gold Medalist!)

Olym-Pig Antics & Competition

So the day has finally arrived. The Olym-pig opening ceremony will be taking place and whee are watching it on the telly with our Mummy! To get into the spirit of things whee put together a little photoshoot. With our GB flag and our homemade olympig torch, with hay flames and a cardboard cone!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But anyway, to the main event. A surprise whee have really kept under wraps! Yes, whee are pleased to announce our very first competition! Our Olympig photo sport competition! Whee are asking you, our awesome followers to send us your pet pigtures of you trying one of the following sports:

– Couch Surfing
– PIGnastics
– Furdles
– 100m Zoomies
– Syncronised Squeaking
– ArchaHAY

Whee will be giving a HutchAGoodLife Gold Award, A Silver Award and a Bronze Award! Please send your pigtures in jpeg format to by Monday 30th July and whee will announce the Winners on Tuesday!

Whee can’t wait to see your sporting amazingness!

Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

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