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Snow White And The Seven Dwarves – Part 4 (finale)

Narrator – So my friends,
You return once more,
Such I dedicated readers,
I have not met before.
After all whee have been,
Cut off from your blogs,
And cut off from the stories,
Of hamsters, cats and dogs.
But never fear my friends,
Our computer is nearly repaired,
Though apparently a piece of piggy food,
Is why it was before impaired.
Who would have thought,
That if put in the disk draw it would break,
Mummy’s has crossly blamed us,
But it must be a mistake.

Anyway on with our story,
You must be dying to know,
Will good defeat evil,
Will someone save Princess Snow?!

Now you remember Prince Rupert,
That dashing handsome fellow,
Stopping for his lunch,
When he saw something and went to say hello.
A vision of loveliness,
Nestled in the grass,
Inside a glass coffin,
He did not notice time pass.
He watched her with wonder,
Until a sound made him turn,

Doc the Dwarf – Wipe that drool off your chin kid.

Narrator – And how his cheeks did burn.

Prince Rupert – Who is this beauty,
And why does she lay here,
Would a soft bed,
Not be kinder on her rear?!

Doc the Dwarf – Well I suppose that it might kid,
But it’s not like she’d care,
She is dead, killed by magic,
And that’s why she lays there.

Sleepy – Whee will always guard her,
She was our close friend,
Making our beds,
Til her untimely end.

Happy – And always laughing,
So full of glee,

Dopey – And even when I was being thick,
She never made fun of me.

Sneezy – And she handwashed my hankies,
And ironed out every crease,

Bashful – And when I was nervous,
She showed me inner peace.

Narrator – Everyone turned to Grumpy,
Who scowled back silently,

Grumpy – What?! Just cos’ she’s dead,
I’ve gotta compliment her nicely?!

All The Other Dwarves – Yes.

Grumpy – Fine, well she wasn’t a bad cook,
And she was alright with a duster,
I’m sorry guys,
That’s all the niceness I can muster.

Narrator – They did not notice as they spoke,
The Prince creeping closer to Snow White,
Till he claimed with a passion,
His cheeks still quite alight.

Prince Rupert – Snow white, so bright,
The prettiest princess I’ve seen tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Kiss her piggy lips tonight.

Narrator – Without further ado,
And before you can say “get on with it”,
Before the dwarves could protest,
Or make him quit.
He lifted the glass lid with a flourish,
And bent his head to hers,
Then kissed her gentley,
Stroking her forehead furs.
Now it turns out black magic,
Has a get out clause it’s true,
And, as you guessed, true loves kiss,
Is number twenty two!

Snow woke with a gasp,
And sat up in a hurry,
Bumping head with the Prince,
As everyone spoke in a flurry.
Snow couldn’t think,
With all that silly chatter,
Her head hurt as she tried to guess,
What was the matter.
Slowly she remembered,
The crone was Belladonna,

Snow White – Well like she said,
One of us must die, and I give her that honour!

Narrator – She jumped out of the coffin,
And marched determindly,
Everyone following now,
Did so silently.

When they reached the castle,
And got in through the garden,
Snow walkes straight into Bumble,
Who just begged her pardon,
Then suddenly he realised,
Who she really was,

Bumble – Oh no, you should go,
Or the Queen will be cross!

Snow White – There’s only one Queen in this castle,
And she is stood right here,
It’s rightfully me,
So she should feel fear.

Narrator – Snow pushed passed him,
And the slaves, maids and guard,
The focus in her eyes,
Surprisingly hard.
She flung open the door,
And entered the Queen suite,
To find her with her feet up
Having a massage on her feet!

Snow knew right then,
How to defeat this fashion nerd,
She would break her down,
Using the spoken word.

Snow White – You are old, you are wrinkled,
Your fur sticks up on end,
And there are droops under your eyes,
And your knees won’t bend.

Narrator – Under the onslaught,
The Queen screamed and shrivelled up,
Yes she had been defeated,
By that little pup!

The very next day,
Snow White was crowned,
And decreed that efurryone should be happy,
And make this country the most fun all around.
And the Dwarves became popular,
At their local pub,
Respected and given,
Unlimited free grub!
And Bumble learnt his lesson,
And was now loyal to Snow,
Who was also doing well,
At all Queenly things you know!
Now what became of Prince Rupert,
Did he and Snow wed,
Well actually no, Snow thought it was creepy he’d kiss someone he thought was dead!
But the Prince was never without,
Company and a full wine cup,
Afterall his kisses could wake the dead,
And woke one such Princess up!

And what of me,
Narrator extraordinary,
Well I started a blog,
And the rest is history!

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