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Guinea Pig New Year Resolutions

So whee all know hoomans are weird and they have odd rituals and things they do. Mummy was telling us about a thing called a resolution. Apparently, it’s a promise you make at the start of the year to do through the year. She wrote a bloggy resolution to focus on helping people more and answering more questions.

Now whee don’t normally do this but she has suggested whee come up with good behaviour resolutions ourselves. So here goes:

IMG_1384I, Basil, do solemnly swear that this year I . . .

Will stop making the hoomans play poop hide and seek. (I now accept that they don’t find it funny seeking the poops I throw in their slippers)

IMG_0705I, Buddy, do solemnly swear that this year I . . .

Will stop trying to sabotage my own weight loss by eating Basil’s share of vegetables too (even though it’s not my fault he eats so slowly and I’m a very hungry guinea pig!)


Me demonstrating my relaxed pose for when the fireworks don't bother me!I, Nacho, do solemnly swear that this year I . . .

Will try to be more fearless during floortime. (But I know the bookcase is out to get me though, so I’ll only be fearless everywhere else!)

IMG_0381I, Noah, do solemnly swear that this year I . . .

Will try not to be such a naughty nibbler and stop biting bars, people, clothing, plastic, metal, sofas, cushions, plates. But I’m not giving up biting toes. That’s way too much fun!

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? Do your pets?

Would you set a resolution for your hooman? If so what would you suggest?

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


An Open Letter To My Guinea Pigs On The Subject Of Packing

My dearest darling boys,

You know how much I love you. Despite your naughtiness and trouble making but there’s something we need to talk about.


When I said you could help with the packing, I didn’t mean flinging poops into every box in a five foot radius of your cage. I didn’t mean, chew on the boxes so three now have large areas of them missing. I didn’t mean, be uncooperative and messy and kick poops and food everywhere.

I meant being calm and quiet. Not chattering your teeth at the removal men. Not squeaking at full volume every time a bag rustles. Not kicking mess everywhere in excitement when you hear someone at the door.

Not rumbling when bubblewrap pops, or distracting the little hoomans or stealing things like newspapers when given the chance.

You, my sweethearts, need to learn to behave for five minutes and give us a chance to get you to the new hutch!

All my love and cuddles

Your Mummy


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