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Monday Morning Mischief Makers


A baby pigture to charm my way out of trouble!

My name is Buddy and I am a delinquent guinea pig. Mummy says confession is good for the soul so I am here to admit my bad behaviour.

It started Saturday night when I had an idea. Whenever the food bowl is empty, Mummy gives us a little handful of food. But the amount of noms left in there meant I wouldn’t be able to finish before Mummy went to bed. So I lifted the bowl down, dragged it into my pigloo and tipped the food out and dragged it back out then looked mournfully at it. Mummy gave us a small handful and put the bowl back. Realising my plan had worked I did it again and began wacking the empty bowl against the bars. Mummy frowned at me but topped it up and sat in front of the cage and waited. I innocently sat there eating. She disappeared off and I repeated my trick.

“Ha” Mummy yelled triumphantly bouncing out from behind the sofa.

I guiltily jumped and burrowed under the hay.  So she stole my stash and went to bed muttering darkly about how I was too clever for my own good. Sunday’s mischief involved Basil too so I’m going to leave that story for him to tell another time.

Afterall, you can only confess so much before favourite veggie portions start being reduced!

Have a mischevious Monday everyone.


PS. Don’t get caught!!

PPS. Please don’t forget to enter our Blogoversary contest. Details in the previous post.

Basil Does A Bieber

Again, without the camera Mummy has no evidence but she alleges I did some furry naughty things. Number one was eating the new rug and apparently the threaded corner has something to do with me.

Second was running around under the influence (of parsley!) and causing a pile up by the sofa. I was fine but the other casualty who doesn’t wish to be named Buddy was treated at the scene for injuries to his pride. I then resisted arrest by popcorning off to hide behind my cage but was subsequently captured later. Luckily I got off with a warning but next time, if Mummy has a camera you might see my mugshot!!


Smiling mugshot?!

Mummy says I’m a teenage tearaway and thats before she even notices my stash of poops near the radiator (keeps them warm and fresh!)

Were you naughtier as a teenager? What was the best/worst naughty thing you did?

I’ve got that Friday feeling!


My Guinea Pig Rules The Roost

wpid-PicsArt_1383593146452.jpgYou’re here about my guinea pig?

What has he done this time?

There’s nothing that I’ve done so far,

That’s made him toe the line.

He seem to find some pleasure,

In pooping where he pleases,

Down your shirt and in your shoe,

And on your trouser knee-ies!

As for the weeing everywhere,

It doesn’t matter how I protest,

He likes to make the carpet smell,

And put our cleaner to the test.

Has he chewed your button off?

Or ripped a hole in your t shirt?

Or did he make it to the skin,

My word, that must have hurt!

The hay you found in your handbag,

Was probably down to him,

He tends to flick it everywhere,

When he runs about popcorning!

It doesn’t matter what I do,

Or even what I say,

It’s quite clear to see,

At least to me,

My guinea pig rules the roost! Okay!

Fuss Me Friday

I don’t ask for much but I do like a good snuggle in the morning. Yesterday morning I wheeked and wheeked and Mummy . . . didn’t come straight away. Of course, this just won’t do, so I chewed my cage clip in just the right way that it popped open, squeezed passed the food bowl and out of the cage. On the floor now, I gave myself a little shake down.

Now to find the hoomans. “I’m just coming piggies.” Mummy’s sing song voice called from the kitchen. Bother! She was not going to be happy to see me out of my cage . . . again. I am the reason there is stuff propped against the cage all night and only moved to give us breakfast in the morning.

I climbed the cage and peeked in. Buddy sat at the breakfast bowl sniggering. “Not funny, you’ve gotta let me in!” I hissed.

“Basil!” said Mummy’s shocked voice behind me.

Without waiting to hear what she had to say, I made a mad dash for behind the cage and ducked under the pile of newspapers.  “He let himself out.” said my little hoomans voice from the sofa, “I don’t think he even noticed I was in here!”

I peered up and saw him leaning over the edge of the sofa and smiling at me. Busted!

“Basil.” Mummy called sternly. There was nothing else for it. I strolled round the cage and to where she stood, looking up with my biggest innocent eyes.

As if I would do anything naughty Mummy! Really, I’m shocked you’d even suggest such a thing.


Things I Didn’t Do Thursday

With my poorly paw (which is much recovered, the vet-man said it was lovely and clean but to come back if whee had any concerns) it is shocking the amount of things I am being accused of! Just look at this innocent face. Does that look like the face of a button bandit accused of pulling two buttons off a little hooman’s school shirt?!


How about this? Does it look like little adorable me could to anything as fiendish as being a carpet chewing crook, accused of ruining a corner of carpet?


And this, does this face look capable of naughty gnawing?


They claim to have evidence! You call that evidence?! It’s circumstantial at most!


Truly. I don’t know why they are always blaming me. I’m simply in the wrong place at the wrong time . . . every time!

Does any furry have any tips to stop me from getting caught them from accusing me?

Have a great Thursday



Monday Mischief

Hmmm whee might have been a little bit naughty when whee were last out having floor time. And whee might have had it caught on film. But whee admit nothing!


Noah having his first snuggles with our ladypig furfriend’s hooman

Yours, The Very Innocent

Nacho & Noah


Confessions of Cavy Criminals!

Today whee have been naughtier than usual. So whee are in the ‘dog-house’ as it were. Currently watching the hoomans fussing and cuddling Nutty and Nacho and feeling a tiny bit jealous.

Whee feel that whee must confess our naughtiness to get the hoomans to forgive us so here goes.

Bad Boy Basil

IMG_4605 My naughtiness was from early this morning when whee were allowed out in the garden, before it got to hot outside. Mummy was keeping a careful eye on us as it was already quite hot. But obviously not careful enough because one minute I was sitting there in my tent looking angelically up at her and the next time she looked I was the wrong side of the run nomming on a particularly tasty patch of grass!

She made a high pitched very piggy like squeak which I managed to translate into “OMG!” and dropped to her knees and crawled commando style towards me cooing and reaching slowly.

Completely cool with this development I let her grab me where she cuddled me close muttering what a bad boy I was. It took her less than a minute to find the small gap I had dug out and squeezed under the run. Considering how chubby I am getting she was impressed I had managed to fit.

She borrowed a plank of wood to block up the gap and checked carefully for anymore before flopping onto the garden bench with a huff. She is not as impressed by my Houdini antics in the garden as she was inside when I broke out of my cage! Sorry Mummy!

Bit Bratty Buddy

IMG_4602My naughtiness tracks back to yesterday but Mummy only admitted it to her Dad (who is even less impressed than her!) today. The hoomans have been enjoying the sunny weather and discussing where they would go on holiday this year. I do not like the hoomans going away. Even though I get the bestest love and care from our holiday hoomans I miss my Mummy a lot.

So you see my crime has the best of motivations!

They had maps and brochures everywhere so when I had my floor time I crept up to one and within seconds I managed to tear off most of the South Coast! Try going on holiday now hoomans! I mean, I am very sorry Mummy.

Whee know Mummy will forgive us but whee can’t help being a little naughty sometimes!

Yours, the currently in disgrace

Buddy & Basil


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