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Monday Memes

I am not happy to see you Monday. Not happy at all. All the little hoomans at school and the big hoomans working . . . It’s madness! Madness, I tell you! Anyway Mummy got this pigture of me looking furry cross and pouting like no furries business! She made these memes which whee hope will make you smile this mean ol’ Monday.

image image

image Together furfriends whee may get through it. Monday . . . I order you to go away very very soon.

What would your meme for this pigture of me be?



Monday Moan!

My little hoomans love to watch TV,

Like zombies they’ll sit and stare,

Watching whatever catches their eyes,

But never seem to share.


I got stuck watching the sports today,

When teen hooman had the remote,

I wanted to watch the music channel,

Couldn’t whee have had a vote?!

And now Daddy hooman is watching,

A complex documentary,

And all that that long old while,

No one is watching me!

I shouldn’t really be jealous,

Of that grey/black light up box,

When I’m much more fun to cuddle,

And don’t give out electric shocks.

So when Mummy hooman says loudly,

“That’s enough telly today,”

I do a little popcorn,

Because now, with me, they’ll play!

My pigture’s always in HD,

I’m 3D and touch screen,

‘Am I jealous of that TV?!’

Oh don’t know what you mean!




ps. thank you for all your kind wishes for Nutty – whee will update you as soon as whee know anything – and kind words for Mummy, they mean soo much.

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