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So That’s Where I Went Tuesday

Hello again efurryone. It’s Furnando here to reveal just where I was in my Monday Mystery pigtures. The pigtures for day one were of a pub in the pretty village of Dedham, Suffolk. The pub called The Marlborough Head Inn and was small and cozy with wood burning fires and furry friendly staff. After their meal the hoomans walked around the local area and church but I didn’t go because it started to rain.


Day two was, as Val and C.A.T.S guessed, a church. Or at least, they were half right. This is Bury St Edmunds Abbey and the ruins of the Abbey Church which was one of the largest in the country.┬áThe abbey church of St Edmund was built in the 11th and 12th centuries and was much enlarged and rebuilt during the 12th century. The main Abbey remains and you can look around inside. While in there the hoomans lit a candle in memory of all pets and people passed and sat quietly to reflect. When they left and were heading back to the car they encountered a cheeky little squirrel who seemed fascinated in them and posed for Mummy’s pigtures. It reminded Mummy of Nutty who she often liked to call her little Squirrel Nutkin.

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It was furry peaceful and relaxing to visit these bootiful places. Where have you visited that was bootiful recently? Happy Tuesday efurryone



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