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A Magic Number!

There are seven days in a wheek. Seven shelves in our fridge of veggies. Seven times a wheek whee recieve munchie rations of hay. Seven carrots in a bag. Seven bananas in a bunch.

*sings* Seven is the magic number!

Well it is for us anyway, thanks to our dear Princess Zena from Princess Tails Whee will mention and thank also her new-ish furfriend Raffles – even though he is a sticky subject for our Basil who is quite smitten with her royal highness! But that is a tail (See what whee did there?! Tehehe, whee are entertaining!) for another day. This award requires us to tell you all seven things about ourselves (a favourite subject!) So here goes!

1) Whee love watching TV with our Mummy. Ok so that’s not such a shock but whee will now admit our favourite shows include Strictly Come Dancing (even the theme tune makes us popcorn!), X Factor and The Vampire Diaries. (Honestly! Mummy is leading us astray!)

2) Whee hate the sound of spoons clinking again the edge of cups. It makes us make grumbling noises and chatter our teeth.

3) Whee always forget when whee have previously cuddled Mummy and then get excited when whee smell ourselves on her, thinking there is another guinea pig around! It’s kind of embarrassing really!

4) Our favourite colour is green. The colour of grass (affectionately known as green spaghetti!), spinach, celery, cucumber, kale, parsley . . . The list goes on!

5) Whee love the smell of fresh Autumn air first thing in the morning. Our reactions to it are like a cats to catnip. Whee go a little crazy!

6) Like all guinea pigs whee have four claws on our front paws and three on our back paws. Cos’ whee are awesome!

7) Love having our pigtures taken and squeak excitedly when whee are the tinkling music that means Mummy’s camera is switching on.

And now whee must pass it onto seven bloggies!

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Once again thank you for the award Princess and a little warning to you all; Mummy has just had a really exciting idea but needs time to develop it so whee will get back to you on that soon!

Hope you all had a fun Saturday and a relaxing Sunday to come!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

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