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Valentine Pigture Contest!

Well with Nutty on the mend whee have decided to announce our pigture contest! Better late than never. You have until 1st February 2013 to enter and here is what you need to do . . . 


Whether you are a Right Romantic Romeo or Jealousy Generating Juilet whee have a part for you!

Whee want you to send in pigtures of your pets acting out their favourite romantic movie scenes or being their favourite character in a romantic book, film or tv show.

Whether you are Rose and Jack on the titanic or Romeo and Juilet on the balcony or Cinderella and Prince Charming ballroom dancing . . . Whee want to see you!

Email your entries to us Just attach the pigtures to your email in jpeg format and use the subject line “Love Is In The Air!” Don’t forget to include your pet’s name and if you have a blog then the URL in the body of the email!

Prizes will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place and winners announced of the weekend after the closing date

Whee cannot wait to hear from you!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

*Clatter . . . Click . . . Clack*

You may wonder what I am doing.

*Clatter . . . Clatter*

Well I am currently throwing pixel pebbles at the blog window of a piggy who recently admitted something which shocked and surprised me. Yes I am talking about Clover’s Confession. It was completely unexpected. How anyfurry can fall in love with me?! I am not wise like Nibbles. Nor handsome like Buddy. Nor even young and spritely like Basil. I’m just me. Though Clover has not yet written to me I must share a poem I wrote for her:

(admittedly Buddy helped a little cos he knows about being charming and poetic!)

They say roses are for the romantics,
But I personally prefer Clover,
Yes, subtle and more sweet,
Crashing into me like a super nova,
With eyes that shine like rubies,
And a coat of black and white,
If she says she loves me too,
Then I would always treat her right.
There is nothing I love more,
Than to here her squeak her my name,
And when she said she was in love,
I thought I’d go insane.
How could it be?
Was there somefurry else, breaking into her affection?
Yes. I see I was jealous then,
And blind upon reflection.
I advised her on the best way,
To make her feelings known,
But I’d never used them myself,
I was shy, that’s all I’ve shown.
I was broken hearted,
I thought I’d missed my go,
Then she wrote that post,
And my heart began to glow.
For all the love I’d kept inside,
And all my shy old fear,
Seemed to melt away,
And my hope did reappear.
It was me,
All along,
That she admired from afar,
And I admired her myself,
She was my guiding light, my star.
If she truly loves me,
And says “Where art thou Nut”,
Then I’d climb up her hutch balcony,
And find her window not shut.
And then whee can admit our feeling,
Finally reveal the contents of our hearts,
And then whee would discover,
How furever loves starts.

Do you think she will like it? Are there any other ways I can prove my love to her?!

A love struck

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?!

Piggy Problem Parlour again and this time whee are advising on the matter of lurve! 😉

Hello Handsome Boarpigs.

I have a problem and I hope you can help me out.

You see I am completely in love with a gorgeous agouti boarpig, but I am too scared to talk to him and tell him that I do. I have struggled with confidence talking to boarpigs all my life, although I am verreh chatteh to hoomans. It is mainly because of my size – my hoomans feed me way too much and when Poppy, my sister, leaves some of her food because she is full, I can’t help myself and eat her leftovers too. I am nothing but a ‘big fat chubba wubba’.[?]It makes me feel like if I try to tell the handsome boarpig about how I feel, he will just laugh at me and tell me I am too fat to be a bootiful ladypig.

Poppy, my sister, has a perfect mini-pig body and great confidence with
boarpigs and I am sosososo jealous of her. Please tell me how I can improve
my confidence so I can talk to the gorgeous boarpig.


Dear Clover,

As an agouti cutie myself I felt that I, Nutty Nutkin, should advise you. I know that love matters are usually more Buddy’s business but he is being a busy piggy. As I know whee have said before whee loves the bigger pigger. I personally prefer the larger ladypig. It proves they appreciate their noms!

Every well fed piggy knows a nice meal sits on your stomach. A little chub looks good on any piggy. There is no need to worry. A good and worthy boarpig will appreciate you for who you are.

To improve your confidence you should name five things that you love about yourself. Then maybe try talking to this boarpig you fancy. If you cannot speak to him face to face you could try sending a letter anonymously sharing your feelings. Then you could find out how he reacted. You could even enlist Poppy’s help with this.

Just remember; no body is perfect and Poppy probably has fears and insecurities as well.

If anyone else has advice for Clover please comment.


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