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Black And White Sunday – Lonely


The hoomans say they may be close to finding me a furfriend which is good news. Mummy is syringe feeding me because I’m so sad and not hungry anymore and the little hoomans are giving me extra huggles to cheer me up too.

Thanks for all the kind words efurryone. They mean so much to the hoomans and us.

Hopefully there will be happy news soon.


black and white sunday

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Wordless Wednesday – Tallulah Teddy

Lone-ly, Nacho, you don’t have to be lone-ly.

He misses Nutty so much already, this teddy named Tallulah is his comfort blanket. Mummy is having to make sure he eats and drinks because he is so sad he doesn’t want to himself. Poor baby

Thanks efurryone for your kind words at this tough time.



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