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Rock Me Like A Hurricane!

Have you heard the news? Whee have weather warning here in the UK! They are giving us an Amber Warning for Wind. Wind? The little hoomans made a lot of naughty jokes about how they shouldn’t have had beans last night but Mummy said it’s not that sort of wind. It’s the outside wind.

Now I’m not a baby but I really don’t like wind. It ruffles my fur and makes me rumble crossly. A little breeze is nice. In fact I like to climb the bars of my cage so I can spy on the others feel the breeze through my tummy furs!

Whee live in the front room of our house which has a big chimney. When it’s windy it’s really noisy in there and whee don’t much like it. I sit there rumbling and rumbling. Mummy said I should be grateful because some piggies live outside in the wind. I wouldn’t like that so I take her point. But with these wind warnings in place whee hope that efurryone with outdoor piggies, rabbits or other animals brings them indoors, just till it’s past. The winds are predicted to be 80mph round us which is pretty scary.

To check what the weather near you will be like you can get an up-to-date forecast here.

This is what it says for us tonight:

Heavy and persistent rain will spread northeast, coupled with increasingly strong winds. Winds strengthening further towards dawn, with potentially damaging gusts and squally showers.

Eeeks, whee think it’s extra hay and snuggles before bed tonight!



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