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Wordless Wednesday – Five Lovely Ladypigs

Mummy visited some friends on holiday and met their ladypigs. Whee are jealous as they are super pretty piggies!


Happy Wednesday

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


It Feels Like The FIRst Time!

This is not my first Pigmas, it’s actually my second and Buddy’s third and whee were wheeking today over how funny it is that Nacho and Noah are so excited. I said that it still feels like my first Pigmas. I’m still furry squeaky and interested in efurrything. From the tree (which I have learnt to live with), to the lights, the tinsel and the suicidal angel on the top of our tree (she has a habit of throwing herself off the top of the tree when hoomans walk passed. Mummy says she must have been at the sherry.)

I get so excited about all the things I see. Last night Mummy crept passed with a bag and winked telling  me to not squeak a word about it to anyfurry else. But you guys aren’t just anyfurry right?!

Buddy says they might have contained our Pigmas presents. I really hope they did, they smelled really tasty. Like herbs and vegetables!

What are you hoping to get for Pigmas? It’s nearly here!



Yule Get Used To It!

Mummy kept saying it but I wasn’t so sure. “Yule get used to the tree.” she insisted. I didn’t believe her but here I am, accepting the fact; Mister Tinsel Twist isn’t going anywhere.

Mummy and me have agreed that he will be leaving soon after Pigmas. No furry likes a guest that over stays their welcome! Buddy has been trying to pull that tree down whenever he gets the chance but the rest of us have made peace with him. Mummy says Pigmas is about coming together and forgiving and forgetting. So I am forgiving the tree for being here and forgetting the fact that Mummy didn’t ask permission! (As the boss pig of the house I am furry impawtent and all decisions should go through me)

*sigh* I'm so forgiving

*sigh* I’m so forgiving

What are you forgiving and forgetting for Pigmas? Another furry impawtent thing at Pigmas is giving. Whee sent off our Secret Santa Paws presents to our assigned rescue piggies and saw on facebook pigtures of them enjoying the gifts. Our two piggies have had a furry unfortunate time before they came into the rescue and one has long term health issues. It made our tummies all warm and fuzzy to know whee helped them and whee all smiled a lot. Giving is the best feeling.

Have a super Sunday efurryone



Wordless Wednesday – Buddy’s Boutique Bistro!

Running a roaring trade in the garden today!

Happy Wordless Wednesday Efurryone!



ps. Please check out this post over at Savannah’s, there is a pair of gorgeous kitty cats in need of homes!

pps. Whee are having some issues posting comments on some of your blogs, might be a wordpress thing but whee are keeping up and will comment as soon as it feels like letting us!

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