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Tried And Tested Treats!

Hey efurryone! So whee thought whee would do.something a little different today. Whee are going to review a pet product! Can I get a ‘woooooo’?!

Now I will start by saying whee know piggies from all over the world are reading this so you will have to order your hooman to search for similar products in your countries. If cavy treats do not appeal then never fear, just enjoy our pigtures and opinions!

Whee are reviewing treats known as Alfalfa Mini Bale Treats. At first sight they aren’t much. Solid blocks about the length of Mummy’s thumb. Mummy says the packaging tells us this is highly compressed 100% Alfalfa hay. Alfalfa is full of calcium which, when whee have to much of it, can lead to problems in us piggies. That is why our Mummy only lets us have one or two bales a wheek.

Look – 4/10 (It really isn’t much to look at, just a solid block of hay)
Packaging – 5/10 (Our packaging is a bright attention grabbing yellow but the window you can see the product through is very small)
Taste – 9/10 (Whee all love these so much it can cause arguements!)
Piggy Proof/Durability – 9/10 (These usually keep us entertained for a good few hours but none last longer than a day!)
Overall Score – 8/10

These always go down well. The only issue not yet mentioned would be how crumbly they are in some packs and how unbreakable in others. Mummy likes getting us these when whee are mad at her. Whee never stay mad long!

Do you have a favourite treat or know one whee could review?


Ps. Here are some pigtures of us product testing!

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