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Happy Birthday Daddy Hooman

To Mummy’s Daddy,

So wait? You're how old?!!

So wait? You’re how old?!!

Whee don’t always see eye to eye,

You don’t like the mess whee make,

You don’t like that whee poop everywhere,

And try to jump in the birthday cake.

You think whee take up too much room,

You think whee squeak too loud,

And when whee are good for five seconds,

It makes our Mummy proud.

Yes, though whee are not the closest friends,

Let’s put that out of the way,

Because whee want to give you lots of hugs,

To say Happy Birthday!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


ps. It was Basil that ate part of the South East off the map last year, sorry about that!

A Little Birdie Told Us . . .

Today is a very special lady’s birthday . . . Surprise!


Big thanks to My Three Moggies for putting this wonderful video together. Please join us in wishing Pam a very happy birthday. And unite across the blogosphere! What a way to make sure one of the most amazing women whee have the good fortune to know, has a brilliant day and feels the bloggy love!

Have a lovely day Miss Pam (hooman of One Spoiled Cat – Sammy!). May you get efurrything you wish for and have purrfect day with your furmily and loved ones. Whee hope Sammy spoils you.

Have a wonderful Wednesday efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

ps. Mummy was very silly and accidentally posted this early, luckily only one person saw and she got it down before it ruined the surprise. *phew* Silly hooman trying to be all clever and schedule it!

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