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Happy Hallo-Wheek!

Well that spooky day is here!

When darkness falls over your hutch.

You will be in Hallo-wheeks clutch!

Witches, ghosties, ghouls and more,

Will find there way to your front door.

Their gleeful grins and shrieks of boo,

Every knock brings someone new.image

They shout and chuckle “Trick or Treat” 

To every soul, that night, they meet.

But what they don’t know at our place,

Is whee have a much scarier face!

When our Mummy opens up,

They just might drop their sweetie cup.

For the green facepack across her cheeks,

Round the doorway slowly peeks.

They’ll drop their sweets and run away,

Regretting they knocked at our hutch today.

But Mummy mystified will wonder,

As down our garden they flee and blunder,

Why they didn’t want to claim their prize,

Nor the cause of the fear in their eyes.

She’ll shrug her shoulders and insist,

We tuck into the treats they missed!

Mwah ha ha ha ha ha Happy Hallo-wheek efurryone!



ps. No Hallo-wheek would be complete without an eerie glowing sunset pigture. It’s lucky Mummy took one!


pps. Check out our PAWesome pumpkin from Nellie!


Buddy Spookbuster!

With Hallo-wheek nearly upon us I decided to launch an investigation. There is a good chance that the hallway is haunted!


*gasps* Yes, you heard me! You can see our full investigation below!

Have you ever had a ghostly experience? A spooky something happen to you?

Hope you are all having a great wheekend!



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