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Climbing The Walls!

Sometimes whee get so excited playing in the garden, whee are literally climbing the walls!

Whee and going to spend today playing in the garden and running around, what are you going to be up to? Whatever it is, whee hope you have a great time!

Happy Saturday

Nacho & Noah


ps. You may have noticed the counter on the sidebar showing how close whee are getting to having our 2nd Blogoversary, whee have a surprise planned for that which you should stay tuned for.

pps. And also at the end of this month is Mummy’s 20th birthday. She might be having a pawty so whee may go quiet for a few days while she celebrates that and Mother’s Day (or at least UK Mother’s Day!). Whee just wanted to apologise in advance for our hooman! You can’t get the staff these days.

ppps. Whee just want to send big love and hugs to Speedy the bunny and his Mummy hooman Rachel, just for being awesome furfriends to us. ^_^

Tired Out Tuesday!

Well yesterday the weather wasn’t too bad, a little bit windy but nothing whee can’t handle! So whee spent most of it in the garden and today whee are tired right out! Just look at me, in my highly attractive and comfortable looking sleeping pose:

IMG_0275Just to give you a glimpse of the funs whee had, the little hoomans and Mummy filmed us playing out there. My favourite part is the end bit with Nacho popcorning in the tent! The green spaghetti is very disappointing at the moment, all dried out thanks to the sunshine and our munching so Mummy let us eat our vegetables out there to cheer us up. Yes, whee piggies had a PIGnic! I can tell you is super jealous!

Did you have a fun time in the sunshine? Are you tired out today? Do you like my sleeping position (provocative but not showing to much ^_^)?!

Have a terrific Tuesday



ps. in the video the observant of you will notice Nacho closing his right eye a little. He has seen the vet and is having eyedrops (which he is very brave about) to make this better.

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