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Not Old . . . Experienced!

There are a few, sadly too common, misconceptions about us boy guinea pigs. One that has caught our hoomans notice recently is the belief that when whee are no longer tiny babies whee cannot be paired up with a new friend. This is WRONG!


Even when it is printed somewhere you think you can trust . . . Don’t believe it.

A good, knowledgable guinea pig rescue will be able to pair up almost any guinea pig. Our hooman has done it herself multiple times. There are choices too. Either pairing with a baby boy piggy which in Mummy’s experience works very well. Or ‘boar dating’ with male piggies who are a bit older to find a good match (this is better done by someone with experience who can read the signs of piggy body language) Or even a final option of neutering and pairing with one or more female companions.

There is no need for us highly social pets to live alone.

Just setting the record straight this fine Monday!

Have a great one efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

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