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Tasty Teddy Thursday

The Treat: Loofah Teddy Bear


Price: £1.50 from Pets At Home (Also available, Woodlands Loofah Core Chews – £1.50 for 3)

Appearance: Attractive colours and the hoomans liked how they could feel and touch it to decide whether it was something whee would like

Initial thoughts from the hooman: Though they loved the loofah core chews they seem pretty frightened of this and don’t want to approach it. After some lap time with the toy they were much more relaxed around it but the size was an issue for them as, unlike the core chews, they couldn’t carry it around with them.

Thoughts from us piggies: Though it was pretty scary at first and whee were hiding from it whee realised it was pretty fun to chew on and throw around. It was a bit heavy from Noah and Nacho to lift and Basil struggled too, Buddy was the only one who could toss it around.

Pros: Cute, fun, easy to find when you want to clean out the cage, lots to chew, destructor-pig proof (Basil still hasn’t murdered his, whee are starting to think he is losing his touch!)

Cons: Whee can’t lift it, whee can’t throw it easily, it’s too big to fit in the pigloos, it gets covered in hay and poop really easily which means it probably won’t last as long as the loofah chews which easily brushed off.

Overall rating: 8/10 – If it weren’t for the size and weight of it, it would be the perfect toy. If you are looking for loofah chew toys for your piggies whee would recommend the core chews as the teddies may be more suited to bigger animals like rabbits.

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil (with teeny input from hooman)


Nacho’s Nose And A Shopping Mission

Yesterday whee showed you a pigture of a little nose under a tent. The naughty little mischief maker who pawtied all night! Yes it was Nacho Nose! A lot of you guessed right and you get to take this badge of honour!


Now whee tried something a bit different for the next one. Somefurry on twitter asked what our Mummy gets when she shops for us. Bearing in mind what a deadly mission it is, whee armed the hooman with a camera and sent her off! This is our first, sort-of-half-attempt at a vlog which Mummy has wanted to try to do for awhile. Please let us know what you think ^_^

What does your hooman get you when they go shopping? Have you ever been shopping with your hoomans? Was it fun?

Have a great Sunday efurryone!

Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

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