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Sweet Sleeping Sunday

It has taken a long time and a lot of work (longer than it has with any of the others) but Mummy finally believes that she can consider me a tame guinea piggy. Do you want to know why?

This morning she came downstairs and found me asleep, fully and deeply, out in the open like this:


If I wasn’t comfortable and felt safe, I wouldn’t do it! Whee guinea pigs normally keep our eyes open all the time, even when sleeping. Very few of us sleep with our eyes fully closed even when whee are comfortable. Of Mummy’s previous piggies, one was furry nervous and would never do it. But another was furry tame and still wouldn’t do it. It depends on the piggies.

Mummy sat by my cage and watched me for a bit till I got irritated and opened my eyes to see what she wanted.


She said good morning and I huffed and snuggled down to go back to sleep. Those hoomans just love me! How can your hoomans or other hoomans tell that you are feeling relaxed and safe?

Have a lovely sleepy Sunday



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