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From Your Whiskers to Your Paws

From Your Whiskers to Your Paws

A poem to my guinea pigs!

You think the carpet is a toilet,

You think all clothes are food,

You poop wherever you please,

And you fart too (that’s kind of rude!)

You squeak out when you want me,

And rumble when you’ve had enough,

And you never let me pass the cage,

Without giving you a fuss!

I don’t know how you did it,

Did it happen over time?

How do you bring me running,

With every squeak and whine?!

You sleep inside your food bowl,

And wee all on your bed,

But are endlessly entertaining,

When you’re on my brothers head!


I don’t care how much trouble,

Never mind the havoc you can cause,

I love every single bit of you,

From your whiskers to your paws.

Cuddle (A Poem)


One of our little hoomans recently started a poetry blog and whee asked him if he would write us a poem for our blog 🙂

He said yes and whee now have “Cuddle” to share with you!


Outstretched arms
for warm embrace,
I run away,
I love the chase.

They follow me
with eager palms,
I’m lifted high
in Mother’s arms.

She carries me,
I feel secure,
Her hands around me,

We sit and cuddle,
I watch TV,
the others come
to cuddle me.

I yawn and sleep,
in Mother’s lap,
No better time,
to take a nap.

The life I lead,
in luxury,
with many hands,
to cuddle me.

I want to write this thank you note,
else in hay, all day, I’d dig
More hugs for me
More hugs for you
yours sincerely,

Guinea Pig

What do you think? Whee would love it if you could check out his blog.

Happy Sunday efurryone

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

My Guinea Pig Rules The Roost

wpid-PicsArt_1383593146452.jpgYou’re here about my guinea pig?

What has he done this time?

There’s nothing that I’ve done so far,

That’s made him toe the line.

He seem to find some pleasure,

In pooping where he pleases,

Down your shirt and in your shoe,

And on your trouser knee-ies!

As for the weeing everywhere,

It doesn’t matter how I protest,

He likes to make the carpet smell,

And put our cleaner to the test.

Has he chewed your button off?

Or ripped a hole in your t shirt?

Or did he make it to the skin,

My word, that must have hurt!

The hay you found in your handbag,

Was probably down to him,

He tends to flick it everywhere,

When he runs about popcorning!

It doesn’t matter what I do,

Or even what I say,

It’s quite clear to see,

At least to me,

My guinea pig rules the roost! Okay!

Monday Moan!

My little hoomans love to watch TV,

Like zombies they’ll sit and stare,

Watching whatever catches their eyes,

But never seem to share.


I got stuck watching the sports today,

When teen hooman had the remote,

I wanted to watch the music channel,

Couldn’t whee have had a vote?!

And now Daddy hooman is watching,

A complex documentary,

And all that that long old while,

No one is watching me!

I shouldn’t really be jealous,

Of that grey/black light up box,

When I’m much more fun to cuddle,

And don’t give out electric shocks.

So when Mummy hooman says loudly,

“That’s enough telly today,”

I do a little popcorn,

Because now, with me, they’ll play!

My pigture’s always in HD,

I’m 3D and touch screen,

‘Am I jealous of that TV?!’

Oh don’t know what you mean!




ps. thank you for all your kind wishes for Nutty – whee will update you as soon as whee know anything – and kind words for Mummy, they mean soo much.

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