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That’s Not My Name!

IMG_6715Mummy is quite a disappointment as a typist now that whee are sitting down to think about it. She is always making mistakes or not getting them right.

Too many times Buddy has become Biddy or Boddy or Buffy. Basil becomes Basol or Bsial and Nacho becuase Navho, Naxgo or Nsxgo.

These don’t even make sense! It’s like she just headbutted the keyboard and tried to pretend it was a word!

There are only four letters in my name so you can imagine how insulted I am when I get Nidj or Noda. She’s clearly not even trying anymore.

Now it’s beginning to show in real life too. She has been called me No-Noah and Nacho, Naughty Nacho. Basil Behave and Bad Boy Buddy. I’m starting to think she just doesn’t like our names. Well the hoomans chose them so it’s their fault if they keep wanting to change them.

Do your hoomans sometimes get your name wrong?



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