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Nacho’s Nose And A Shopping Mission

Yesterday whee showed you a pigture of a little nose under a tent. The naughty little mischief maker who pawtied all night! Yes it was Nacho Nose! A lot of you guessed right and you get to take this badge of honour!


Now whee tried something a bit different for the next one. Somefurry on twitter asked what our Mummy gets when she shops for us. Bearing in mind what a deadly mission it is, whee armed the hooman with a camera and sent her off! This is our first, sort-of-half-attempt at a vlog which Mummy has wanted to try to do for awhile. Please let us know what you think ^_^

What does your hooman get you when they go shopping? Have you ever been shopping with your hoomans? Was it fun?

Have a great Sunday efurryone!

Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

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