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Fleece Fun Friday!

Whee lovely getting new things and these new cosy cage hammocks are high up on the list of our recent favourite creature comforts.

Mummy purchased these at the London Pet Show from the lovely people at Cosy Beds and Burrows. Initially Mummy was very sceptical that these would support the weight of Buddy a larger or more curvaceous guinea pig. But after being shown a few in action she was cautiously optimistic and bought two.

They came in a variety of colours and sizes so there was plenty of choice

These are perfect for all sorts of small furries and we took to them like ducks to water! Now we sleep on them, under them, take food up there to eat away from our greedy cagemates!

If you’re looking for something a bit fun and a bit different whee would definitely say consider these. Mummy has already planned to get more covers and maybe more to go outside in our runs!

Whee hope you are having a fun Friday, what are you up to this wheekend? 🙂

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

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