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I Should Be So Lucky

Well whee think our hoomans bad luck must finally be over. No sooner had she recovered from being sick than she BROKE her finger! Silly hoomans! Her hand is all strapped up and Basil, being the naughty little pig he is, keeps trying to pull the bandage off all the time so he is getting less Mummy cuddles for now!

But the upside of the wheekend is whee finally felt the joys of Spring! The sun came out in what everyone is calling a mini heatwave (any time where is doesn’t rain for a day is almost considered tropical here!). Whee got to play in the garden for HOURS! It was so much fun and a bit messy. Whee had to have our paws cleaned off before being allowed back in the house!

The exciting news whee couldn’t wait to share is that whee have a new header . . . a wonderful drawing by an incredible artist, our furfriend Lauren! Mummy is thrilled with how it looks and has it framed and hung it on her wall.


Whee love how she has perfectly captured each of us. Thank you again Lauren!

That’s it for today as Mummy is complaining her finger will fall off if she has to type one handed anymore!

Have a great Monday efurryone



Wordless Wednesday – Speechless

Someone (who has asked not to be named) drew Mummy holding Basil and she is just speechless. They are incredibly talented don’t you think!



Me, Me, Me Monday!

What’s that Mummy? You want me to tell efurryone about the Hallo-Wheek pigture shoot? Alright


Well it was lots of fun. I ate lots of the props! Mummy said I was very naughty cheeky but with a face like this, it’s not much of a surprise that she forgave me quickly!┬áHere is your first peek at the hat Mummy made for all of us me!

IMG_6560Oh, and the other piggies had fun too, but this post is all about me, me me!!! I was furry lucky because I have a secret admirer! My admirer has drawn a pigture of me and I am so proud of it! The little girl who drew it for me hasn’t been furry well and won’t be getting piggies until she is better, in the mean time, she likes us and most of all, ME!


What a marvelous Monday I’m having. What are you all doing this Monday?



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