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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday – Twas The Night Before Pigmas

And all through the house. Not a creature was stiring . . .


Only one more sleep!

Merry Pigmas efurryone!


Merry Christmas Mischief [Poem]

imageAre you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin

It’s getting close to Christmas
And all through the hutch
The guinea pigs are squeaking
About veggies and such.

The ribbons which once
Hung over tree, hall and door
Are now torn to pieces
All over the floor.

And the baubles we lovingly
Placed on the tree
Are now somehow scattered
On the floor, running free.

Those stockings laid out
In a neat little row
Now have a hole
For each and every toe.

I’m sure of the culprits
Those eyes have me convinced
That each little piggy
Is some mischievous Grinch!

The paper chains are shredded,
The gift wrap is torn
Yet I cannot help smiling
Ready for Christmas morn.

They’ve taught me something
As they chewed on my glove,
That it’s about family, fun
And most of all, lots of love.

Happy Festive Friday to all!



Paperchain Making With The Hoomans

Of all the Pigmas crafts and things we help out with, paperchain making is by far the most fun! Afterall, what’s more exciting than running through the neatly cut strips of paper and flicking them into the air?

Last night I helped Mummy and littlest hooman creating these festive decorations. I think I have a real eye for interior design (I’m always moving things around my cage!) so I was obviously very helpful and made lots of helpful mess!

How are you helping your hoomans with Pigmas preparations?

Happy Thursday


Wordless Wednesday – Winter Working It!

Sometimes you just don’t need words . . . Just a Santa Paws hat and a camera!

Have a wonderful wintery Wednesday



ps. For those who were interested, this hat is actually for dogs and the hooman bought it for 99p in the 99p store. It came with a red scarf and is in the size XS

Dear Santa Paws

Dear Santa Paws,

I know I haven’t been the best behaved little pig this year but I have tried to be good for the past hour at least.

So I have been thinking about what I would like for Pigmas. I did want the cardboard castle from Pets at Home but them Mummy told me a story and I changed my mind.

Once upon a time, not very far away from us some piggies were abandoned in a box. They were all sick and pregnant and soon after babies were born. And those piggies, Mumma’s and Bubba’s are safe and warm and cared for in a rescue but they don’t have the one thing efurrypig deserves; A loving furever castle for Pigmas.

So Santa, if you can forgive my diva days and naughtiness, please can you give a home to all the animals in rescues?

Whee are taking part in a special Secret Santa this year, sending gifts to piggies who will be in a rescue over the festive period. Maybe you can ask the reindeers and elves if they wouldn’t mind sending a secret something to their local shelter or rescue?

Hoping you and Mrs Paws are well

Lots of love
1st cage on the right, England

It’s Begining To Look A Lot Like Pigmas

Well it feels it at least! Brrrr.

Whee are just glad that whee are nice and warm in the house. Though the grass Mummy brings in for us could do with warming up a little! But that’s beside the point. Pigmas is coming fast. Whee need to wrap the prezzies and deck the halls this wheekend so it’s all systems go.


With being so busy and so many things happening whee were surprised when Mummy stopped and told us about things outdoors which remind her it’s nearly Pigmas. The frost on the roof and spiderwebs, breath misting as you speak. All simple things but magical too.

Whee know it’s nearly Pigmas when Mummy says it’s too cold to run outside.

What reminds you it’s nearly Pigmas?

Have a fab Friday!


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